Planning Activities for Kids?!

Planning fun learning activities for kids can sometimes be challenging but also fun and rewarding.

It doesn't matter if it's fun crafts for kids, kids games, art activity or science activities for kids.

However, to ensure success there are certain guidelines we'll want to consider.

Let's start with some basic guidelines suited for planning activities for all kids. .. we still want to plan ahead.

First, let's consider the age-group we're dealing with. You obviously wouldn't use the same activity for pre-schoolers that you would for kids in grades 1-5, middle school, high school, etc.

Could be coloring activities or something else like Character Education but when it comes to planning fun activities for kids, understanding is the key.

By taking the time to understand your students, you will have a better idea of the things that "make them tick".

You will also become familiar with the things that grab their attention, and the things that are likely to turn them off.

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Armed with this knowledge, you now can plan activities that are - Exciting, Worthwhile, Fun and Memorable. Many popular choices are available at this well known Kids Activities Site.

Here are some guidelines that you may already be familiar with, wouldn't hurt to go over them again just to make sure you're on the right track when planning kids educational activities that help you explore, learn and have fun.

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  1. Children's Safety should be number one on your list. Ensure that all activities will in no way endanger them. It may be simple coloring activities for pre-schoolers or an elementary school spirit activity. Safety always comes first.
  2. Supervision ~ All activities should have some form of adult supervision. It may be a teacher, or parent/guardian.
  3. Kids activities should promote learning in a positive way.
  4. Activities for kids should help to develop and foster healthy relationships.
  5. Activities should also build character.
  6. Activities should be fun, and exciting.
  7. Variety ~ When planning activities it's always best to have a variety of things they can choose from. This can include everything from your simple coloring sheet, to craft patterns, puzzles, school spirit skits, and sporting activities.
  8. Comfort ~ Children are more inclined to participate in activities they are comfortable with. Take the time to understand what their interests are, incorporate positive initiatives and you will be pleasantly suprised.

As educators we are always looking for creative educational activities.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating activities along a particular theme.

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