Graduation Theme

Graduation Theme – Glowing Embers

It is not unusual for people who went to school together to reminisce about senior year and their graduation.

It is the final salute to all their effort and study.

It's also a time of excitement and recognition that you won’t be in that time or place again.

Enhancing the memory is good and anything that can increase the bonding of seniors to their school... establishes a long-term attachment.

A grad theme creates glowing embers in your mind that linger, waiting to burst into flames.

A Theme Sparks Memory

There is nothing more aggravating than trying to recall an important time or event in your life and having your memory be too vague.

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Schools understand that they will be better able to engage your time and services over the years if you feel a strong attachment and have good memories.

A good theme helps you and your school bond.

Used by elementary school, high school and university graduating classes, the grad theme serves many purposes.

  • Gives opportunities for recognition to contributing students and families involved in planning themed activities
  • Develops a positive identity with the school you can relate to
  • Gives focus to the graduating class
  • Unifies a class
  • Keeps the school motivated as various activities are planned
  • Generates excitement
  • Creates a special identifier for the future

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    A graduation theme is as varied as topics in the daily news. The one thing you can count on is that each class will want something different!

    Some graduating classes will want glitzy themes, while others will be more traditional.

    Some will want a funny theme, while others will insist on a more thoughtful theme. On the internet, there are thousands of ideas for school themes.

    Igniting The Excitement With A Graduation Theme

    Your theme can affect all class planning throughout the year. A class picked graduation theme establishes unity, sets the mood and helps with party planning.

    The class theme will appear in:

  • Decorating
  • Dances and proms
  • Yearbook
  • Menu planning for graduation and fund raising dinners
  • Special class events
  • Class song
  • Graduation ceremony

  • Your chosen theme is important. It is the first thing a graduating class does their senior year so all the other activities, like a theme party can be coordinated.

    Keep the Flames Alive With A Theme

    A grad theme can affect more than just your school. Students or families often have graduation parties. Using the school theme makes party planning simple.

    We introduce some theme ideas here, on our school themes site, but the only limit is your imagination.

    Try to be unique.

    Your school stands out, so select an opportunity that let's you show your special place in the community.

    But, no matter what theme your school and class has chosen, a personal party can continue the theme celebrations. There are lots of online party themes suppliers to help you.

    There are ideas, tableware, party favors, decorations, keepsakes, napkins, customized banners and anything else you might need.

    Often, a different theme is picked for athletics but the same principles apply. A theme is used by the team to develop unity and assist with party planning.

    Athletic teams often have senior sports award banquets, and families have parties to recognize their athletic achievement.

    Once again, choosing a theme will inspire and excite. A graduation theme, whether glamorous or cute, will be something that you will rely on 30 years from now as you try to remember your graduation year.

    And if your planning concerns high school, it's often best to plan ahead before high school graduation theme celebrations get going.

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