High School Musical Theme

High School Musical Theme – Establishing Unity

Your school's musical theme selection can reflect the dynamism of your school and its student body.

School themes are constantly evolving and always in need of creative ways to adapt to unexpected changes while maintaining basic traditions and values.

There is a core element in every high school that defines its status in the community and its relationship to your students.

Your music teacher and musical theme can assist in sending an inspiring message about what your school stands for and what it hopes to accomplish in the future.

A music theme has always been used in a message-bearer format. Enabling the delivery of information through enjoyable and appealing ways to a broad base of people.

  • Capture enduring traditions in your school song that refer to past history
  • Generate excitement for school team spirit
  • Display student talents in a musical production
  • Encourage parent and community participation
  • Promote involvement in civic affairs
  • Characterize multidisciplinary nature of high school studies
  • Define school identity

  • These sound like lofty goals but only because your musical theme can truly do so much more than just entertain. Choosing your H S music themes are not usually a one-time event.

    The theme can vary from year to year as your priorities and school needs change to meet new demands. Your high school theme may also need to reflect an increase in multicultural diversity so that all students feel involved.

    It might be necessary to change your theme to reflect student accomplishments during the past year. Or it might simply be the need for a H S musical theme as part of a student production assignment.

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    Some schools have more than one theme to accommodate the many activities supported throughout the year.

    Some popular options:

  • School song that never changes from year to year
  • Theme song for the current year to reflect planned events such as a student play or concert
  • Theme song for a sports event “fight song”
  • Theme song for a student group or classroom
  • Overriding theme that covers all activities

  • An important feature and purpose of your high school musical theme is to bond your school, community and students. Students who take ownership in their schools do better in academic classes, are more involved in extracurricular activities and show improved social skills.

    High School Musical Theme – Developing Standards

    High school students are at a time of transition. Music touches the spirit of everyone. In school theme songs can be found a sense of belonging, a promise of beauty, and the development of maturing adolescents.

    Your musical theme helps shine a spotlight on the school. The staff, parents, teachers, students and your community are all watching as songs are seldom sung alone in high school.

    Choosing your school's musical theme is an important task. It's a chance for everyone to work together cooperatively in the spirit of enhanced camaraderie and good fellowship.

    What better way to share the goodwill and lighthearted rapport among students and staff than through your high school musical theme. Of course, a theme can be just plain fun too – to satisfy the child in all of us.

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