Your School Spirit Skits...
Let the Good Times Roll

Your school spirit skits are short plays (four to six minutes)... performed in an informal setting.

They simply display various forms of school spirit and come in two basic types... individual and group.

Many school skit presentations are memorable (and can be hilarious)and should be video taped.

Few students, teachers and staff are wannabe actors but all give their best performances...

And that's what counts.

School spirit skits are usually developed in support of a chosen theme and that adds to the fun potential.

Just imagine some of the skits that could be performed to support the TWIST theme, or HATS or SHOES, or RODEO...

Of course it's all about promoting school spirit and having a great deal of fun at the same time.

Spirit skits are usually funny and often generate a great deal of excitement in the classroom, gymnasium, lounge, cafeteria or whatever location you have available.

School Skits Are Creative School Spirit

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Skits allow students (and the staff too) to be creative, while displaying school spirit.

Let's use the theme "C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S" as an example. (Children with Happy Attitudes Make Positive Influences On Neighborhood Schools)

School Spirit Ideas

The CHAMPIONS theme offers a great opportunity to emphasize citizenship, excellence in the classroom and school environment.

For this theme, students would find creative ways to display Olympic moments, various sports personalities or even Horse racing champions.

School Spirit Activity

School Skits Are Humorous

One of the best things about skits is... the fact that no formal training is needed. As a result, performances can be quite humorous.

But, just because they can be funny, doesn't necessarily mean they're easy.

School Spirit Items

Let's encourage our students along the way... to help to boost their confidence.

School Skits Encourage Teamwork

School spirit involves teamwork, and that's just one of the many benefits of performing school skits.

As students go through each skit, they will build stronger relationships and communication skills.

They will also learn to build on each others' strengths. Skits can have a positive, and dynamic effect on your students (and teachers).

Importance Of School Spirit

This in turn creates a positive learning environment.

Judging School Spirit Skits

Spirit skits can be judged based on the following categories.

  • Creativity
  • Humor
  • Pronunciation
  • Ability to be Heard
  • Delivery of Lines
  • Theme Representation
  • Finally when it comes to school spirit skits, always remember to have fun and stay positive. You may also want a school spirit shirt or other school spirit merchandise to help plan the fun.

    P.S. You can base your spirit skits on any of our themes.

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