Themes for High School

Themes for High School – Powerful

If we could freeze and recall memorable moments, high school themes might serve one less function.

However, that’s not the case so we have extraordinary opportunities to create truly treasurable memories.

For many students those frozen moments are made of inspiration and motivation.

Your themes can become memories and ideas in motion… helping to create powerful images boosting your high school spirit and building morale.

They can even help improve student test scores through better presentation of unfamiliar or complex information.

Organizing vast amounts of material is one of the biggest challenges your high school students face.

Theme Ideas

  • World Wanderers
  • The New Deal
  • Give and Take
  • Back To Basics
  • New Rules
  • Who Do You Trust?
  • Catch Our Spirit
  • Just Passing By
  • A Second Shot
  • What Boundaries ?
  • Cool Characters
  • Our Way
  • Thinking Out Loud
  • History Repeats
  • Here and There
  • One Step At A Time
  • Do You Hear That ?

Themes for High School – Effective

Themes for high-school activities can help serve several purposes:
~ Improve memory and recall abilities

~ Build self-esteem through voluntary participation

~ Facilitate multiple learning opportunities

~Pairs school and community goals

High school can be a busy place. There are school clubs, honor societies, athletics, dances, academics, yearbooks – it’s all part of the experience.

Themes can be constructed to suggest a level of continuity between high school grade levels. They can be used for most classroom activities and even offer competition among students.

Themes can focus on yearbook design and assembly, help boost your school spirit and support a wide range of student interests.

Themes for High School – Fun

Event Themes
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High school themes can be a lot of fun too. Use your theme so that it threads its way through many school activities and projects such as high school graduation.

Let it actually represent the years students spend completing high school.

Themes can become an integral component of their educational experience. Themes reflect your student body and their youthful spirit.

Finding the right theme for your school is not difficult. Many schools begin with an idea suggested by staff or students, then create those “special twists and turns that make your theme unique.

After all… your school is unique so why not show your colors, logo, mascot, slogans etc., in creative ways.

This extra effort often results in stunning new themes that fit your style and will be talked about well into the future. Themes for high-school can also highlight past events.

Reunions, alumni gatherings, newsletters and speeches can suggest a variety of themes topics from the past. Themes can also be used for:

Themes for High School 1
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Themes for High School 2

Themes for High School 3

Themes for High School 4

Themes for High School 5



  • Organizing fund raising ideas
  • Generating yearbook sales
  • Utilizing student creative talents
  • Developing innovative logos and spirit designs
  • Promoting school clubs
  • Keeping students motivated

Themes can represent the joint efforts of staff and students. Creativity is key and there are tons of ideas you can discover with just the click of a mouse.

Imagine any desired topic, pick a “catchy” acronym that delivers your main message – then go to work. Let your creativity and imagination take over. Make everything memorable and captivating.

And remember – themes are all about having fun too!

Themes for High School – Challenging

Themes for high-school should suggest the tone you’d like to convey to the entire education community. Are you character building, improving social interactions among students, picking a current newsworthy item, or just trying to add a little fun to the school day?

Themes can range from the very simple to the elaborate, but it is the desired tone that will often dictate your choices. The tones can be:

  • Thoughtful
  • Sophisticated
  • Light hearted
  • Traditional
  • Funny
  • Exaggerated
  • Parody

Themes for high school can challenge students and teachers to find ideas that promote your school spirit. Themes can suggest a message of future success and motivate students and faculty to give their best.

Spend a little time on a good theme idea. In many schools a single theme lasts the whole year and in many ways, touches every school function. Themes for high school activities can improve student success rates and inspire new creativity.

Here’s a look at our current school theme list.

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