Themes for School Age Children

Themes for School Age Children – Continuing the Program

Themes for school age children can continue the instructional programs begun before they ever entered elementary school.

When it was observed that children could begin learning programmed material at a very young age, preschools and kindergartens started teaching skills that were once reserved for first grade and beyond.

Once your child reaches school age she already has a good base to begin reading and performing basic arithmetic operations. A school theme for young school age children continues the development of these early skills.

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Themes for School Age Children – Sponging Up Information

There is an old expression that refers to children being little sponges that soak up all available information. For many years, child psychologists did not have a clear understanding of when learning began and exactly how much was "soaked up" during infancy.

Schools have had to run to keep up. Teaching children requires the ability to balance their self initiated interests with the required school learning objectives. The last thing a teacher wants to do is stifle creativity because of some instructional program.

So there's a real teacher challenge encouraging children to be open and permissive yet passive and receptive at the same time.

school themes make the perfect tool for designing classroom instructional activities that achieve this balance.

  • Science themes that introduce methods and problem solving
  • Themes promoting improved reading and information processing skills
  • Math themes that develop enhanced problem solving abilities
  • Creative themes that encourage interest in dance and art activities
  • The use of themes for children has proven applicable to any school project or activity. School age children adapt easily to new material especially if it's presented in fun and engaging ways that maintain their interest.

    Themes can be used in playground activities, school productions and even physical education.

    Themes for School Age Children – Self-Esteem

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    Themes for school programs that encourage building self-esteem and improved communications are particularly useful. The interactive and shared emotions that can be fostered with these types of themes is invaluable.

    Creativity is key!

    Introduce a child to Mr. Hygiene and they want to emulate the character. The profound influence that happy informative characters can have on a child’s development is well documented.

    It is the philosophy used by the well-loved Sesame Street gang. And applying that philosophy in the classroom adds an air of excitement because it...

  • Stimulates questions about the subject matter
  • Forces children to make connections between concepts and application
  • Encourages experimentation
  • Improves reasoning abilities

  • Applying themes for young school age children can begin with your reader board sign out front and go to each of the classroom bulletin boards. And let's not forget the lunchroom. Young kids are visual learners and they'll talk about what they see.

    Emphasizing and displaying your theme throughout the school teaches children how to apply fun information in captivating ways.

    This sounds so simple but it encourages observation, discussion and critical comment. All very valuable skills introduced at a young age.

    And being able to use those facts in deductive reasoning is a highly developed skill.

    Themes for children can address many different topics. They can help teach about:

  • Self-image
  • Holidays
  • Civic duties
  • Community service
  • Fitness
  • Traditional subject matter including English, Social Studies and Science
  • And our favorite - promoting school spirit

  • Themes for school age children can include brightly colored symbols, graphics, fun characters and help introduce children to a world full of promise and fascination.

    Teachers can use themes for school age children to connect them with their environment in and out of school. Creativity is the key ingredient.

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