Yearbook Publishers

Yearbook Publishers – Judging A Book By Its Cover

There is an expression that says you can’t judge a school yearbook or yearbook companies by their cover.

We may never convince year book publishers that’s a true statement. Afterall, they are in the business of creating school yearbook memories.

The front cover is the first impression of your yearbook, and it makes promises about what can be found inside.

Year book publishers are experienced professionals who understand the yearbook themes and publishing process from beginning to end.

They speak a language all their own, but their experience is there for the taking. And they are familiar with special school themes and school spirit projects that often make significant contributions to the yearbook planning efforts.

Award winning covers, expertly assembled layouts, budget preparations and photographic inclusions are just a few of the talents publishers have to offer.

Yearbook Publishers – Turning The Pages

There are several quality year book publishers to choose from.

Year-book publishers are more than printers. They have a large assortment of ideas, previously published examples and advice on how to achieve the final effect your school strives for during the creation process.

Working closely with your school and the student yearbook committee, publishers understand that there are a variety of people inputting to the project and each has a different viewpoint.

Additional yearbook publisher sites to review.

Lifetouch | Memorybook | UBuildaBook | Herff Jones

  • Advisor insures the project material is appropriate
  • Editor makes sure there are no typos and project is completed on time; he or she represents the student body
  • Administration sees the project not just as a student project, but as a way to reach out to the families and community
  • Parent advisor wants to make sure the yearbook is fairly representative of all the people who are part of the school’s success
  • Student committee members do most of the actual work and are emissaries of the yearbook committee

  • Professional yearbook publishers are able to work with all levels of people. They know that each page turned... contains a message for the reader about your school, its students and the achievements of both.

    Yearbook Publishers – A Stitch In Time

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    There are so many decisions that must be made when publishing a yearbook. Though schools publish each year, every new class wants their individuality to be expressed.

    Decisions range from the number of pages the yearbook will contain to the kind of stitching for the binding.

  • Size of Book, including number of pages and actual cover size
  • Whether there will be cover personalization
  • Kind of cover such as soft or hard
  • Cover material
  • Whether autograph inserts are to be included
  • How much color can be included based on the budget
  • Determining how many photographs can be included and how many natural spreads
  • The kind of cover imprinting – stitched, foiled, painted and so on
  • Delivery of the yearbooks to your school and to preorders from the community

  • The number of details seems endless, but year book publishers have well laid out planning documents your school and students can use.

    The management tools help the yearbook committee make sure nothing is missed.

    Yearbook Publishers – Remote Control

    This is the electronic age and publishers are as much a part of it as any other business. Online year-book publishers are available and offer a creative array of online services.

    Students can now have access to publishing software 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    There are software creation tools that make the job much simpler than it used to be. There is remote access to the yearbook project online so students can work on the yearbook from their home if necessary.

    There are even digital yearbooks available now.

    Yearbook publishers can help any school, whether it is elementary, middle school, high school or a university.

    These are great times for students, and year-book publishers are there to help record them in a very special yearbook!

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