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“Happy Birthday Party Theme…”

Welcome – what’s the best thing about a birthday party theme? The answer is… YOU make a choice.

Whether we’re talking about kids, teens, young adults, parents, or even grandparents.

Your ideas are now king ! And you choose what the theme will be.

Birthday parties used to be rather simple affairs. We’d get some balloons, some cake and ice cream, a couple funny hats, amusing birthday cards, play some music, sing a few songs, maybe play “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” for the young ones… and hand out gifts.

Now all that’s changed. We dream up a party theme… then decorate, provide related party favors and mix in some supporting fun and games.

I Can’t think of a birthday party theme !

Sure you can. It’s hard to imagine a word or phrase that you couldn’t convert to a Birthday Party Theme … with a little thought, creativity and energy.

let’s see…

  • dinosaur, hat, frog,
    plate, dog, ballerina, muppets,
    first lady, champion, hostess,
    pirates, military, snowman.

See where I’m going ? With a little thought you can have a lot of fun with many different ideas.

Of course you’ll tailor them to fit the desired age group. Grandma might have different tastes than little Johnny!

What about decorations ?

Many of your decorations can be homemade or purchased inexpensively. Think about what you might have seen done for decorations around halloween time.

Much of the draping, hanging, cutting, making, filling, painting, stuffing etc., can be applied to your birthday party theme ideas. We’re back to creative thinking again.

And it’s always helpful to have a friend join in. Maybe they’re part of the theme and should be in costume and telling stories or singing.

How about Birthday Supplies ?

Thought you’d never ask but.. really there are only a few that are worth your time. I’ve scoured the landscape and although there are dozens of them out there, these two have been around a long time, have excellent customer service reports and even offer additional birthday party ideas.

Celebrate Express
Birthday Party Supplies

These kinds of ideas complement our school themes because they offer additional opportunities for fun and excitement – two important ingredients in party theme planning and promoting school spirit.

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