How To Build High School Spirit

High school spirit is about lots and lots of energy.

Spirit comes from the Latin word spiritus… meaning breathing or breath. And breath gives life and energy. Think of spirit as vigorous and enthusiastic support for your school.

The youthful teenage spirit builds on spirit squads and cheerleader teams give it their all… most ably and loudly.

Unlike a ghostly emanation, school spirit can be seen, heard and felt.

Here you’ll find spirit gear, noise makers, banners, cheer and fan gear, wall graphics and party supplies too. Plan your spirit fundraiser and let the pep rallies begin!

High School Spirit – Vigorous Leadership

School spirit is best developed through able leadership and example. Your logos and mascots, while symbols of school spirit, also bind students and staff to what’s special or unique about your school.

National cheer champions


Raving high school spirit is so much more than a logo!

  • It is a display of un-abiding support for your school’s activities.
  • It presents confirmation that what you’re doing to educate students is working.
  • It is also a way to unify diverse student groups that will be remembered at your high school reunions.

For example, all students rallying around a single team creates student body harmony. This cohesion provides the benefits of increased communications and social support.

School spirit benefits

School spirit also offers other important benefits.

  • Gives students a way to identify with the school and its goals
  • Promotes student activities, gives real meaning to school cheers
  • Teaches leadership and cooperation
  • Draws diverse groups of people together for one cause
  • Creates a sense of community
  • Encourages teams while at competition
  • Creates a positive image

When your school is strong in spirit, it is reflected in increased attendance, support for activities and even in fundraising efforts.

High School Spirit – The Welcome Mat

If it were possible to design a tangible form of school spirit, it would be a welcome mat. Spirit says to the community… “you are welcome here.”

Spirit creates an environment where every student can be encouraged and included. There are many ways to display and boost spirit within your school.

  • Spirit clothing
  • Items with spirit logos
  • Pep rallies
  • Class competitions
  • School cheers and songs
  • Dances
  • Assemblies
  • Homecoming week
  • School awards
  • Spirit Fundraisers in the community

Promoting school spirit is usually accomplished by combining several of the above choices. Ideas abound for developing school spirit.

All it takes is a little creativity from a few enterprising students… and the next thing you know, your school spirit is soaring.

Building unity and spirit in today’s predominantly multicultural school environments presents new challenges. In some cases student cultures will be different enough to warrant special understanding about do’s and don’ts.

However, in most cases spirit can transcend language and culture. If in doubt, attend a high school football game and you will see that everyone can cheer!

High School Spirit – Spirited Participation

Boosting highschool spirit is all about planning and determination. Once you’ve identified students with the will and desire… provide them with a little coaching, a few noise makers and other supporting resources.

Then watch your school spirit soar!

Spirit themes should be coordinated with the rest of your school’s activities.

  • Match spirit logos to school themes
  • Develop bulletin boards that expand on high school spirit
  • Select merchandise that is most likely to be purchased
  • Set long range fundraising goals that build on high school spirit
  • Choose spirit items that will appeal to your community
  • Select activities that quickly generate spirit for new students
  • Apply spirit builders to every school activity – no exclusions

Building spirit can be a rewarding experience for students, teachers, parents and the community. Spirit adds a sense of excitement to everything. It teaches everyone to be supportive of his or her local high school.

All schools have one thing in common – student bodies that are creative and energetic.

Let the fun begin! Put on your school spirit activity pin every morning and join in!

How to build high school spirit