School Spirit Wear

School Spirit Wear

School Spirit Wear – Pow-Wows

To the beat of the ancient drums, pow-wows are held on Native American land.

Wearing ceremonial dress, dances are held that speak to the mountains and the skies.

Everyone participates – men, women and children.

The dress and the dances are a form of communication that unites members of the tribe. Years of tradition and beliefs can be seen in the beading and the feathers.

It is part of the Native American culture. School spirit wear has a common purpose.

Groups of students join together at events, wearing school clothing that represents a belief in your school and what it stands for culturally and educationally.

It is a pow-wow of students, and school spirit wear carries on the tradition.

Weaving A History

Native American dress is used as a form of expression. Adornments indicate status within the tribe. The use of Eagle feathers was meant to convey a belief in the qualities of the mighty bird.

Colors can indicate tribal membership. The message is one of history and unity. Spirit wear, though not sacred, uses the same principles to create a supportive student body.

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Every school has colors, a logo, a mascot and a rich history of tradition. School spirit wear embraces that tradition. You can even order customized hoodies these days. School fundraisers have been successful in providing students and teachers the ability to order many customized team spirit items.

People like tangible signs of affiliations. This is especially true for students.

When they attend football games or pep rallies or any school competition, it is important that the students project their common cause.

Spirit wear allows students to send the message that they belong to a group and it is a winning school.


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Over the years, spirit wear has grown from simple tee shirts to a range of clothing that has your school slogan or logo.

  • Shirts – Polo shirts and tee-shirts
  • Pants
  • Athletic and jogging suits
  • Hats
  • Visors
  • Sweatshirts
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Aprons
  • Jewelry including wrist bands

There is school spirit wear in every kind of clothing and in every size. From infants to senior citizens, spirit wear is popular. Spirit wear is rich in school tradition.

Generations of students have worn the clothing to show support for their school. Like ceremonial dress, spirit wear is symbolic of history and culture.

Seamless Tradition

Spirit wear has a seamless tradition. Since the inception of the school, spirit wear has been used to unify a student body. But all school spirit items serve as advertisement for your school and reaches out to the community.

Fundraising is heavily dependent on spirit wear.

Few fundraising events are held without participants wearing the school logo. But logos do change or are adapted. Each graduating class creates a class theme.

Each year new activities require adaptation of existing spirit symbols. Using experienced spirit wear printers and suppliers can streamline the process.

  • Offers suggestions for artwork
  • Refines school ideas for use on spirit wear
  • Assists with cost containment
  • Provides sample designs
  • Offers pricing charts for quantity discounting

Some printers offer software for sale that your school can use to create its own art designs. Or your school can actually design online. This allows your school to teach students about the printing business while creating school spirit at the same time.

Generational Clothing

Though schools don’t normally hold pow-wows, they do honor tradition passed from one generation to another. School spirit wear is clothing or jewelry that announces the wearer is the newest generation of school supporters.

An abundance of highly charged school spirit is a major factor in the success of any school.

Be creative – wear the modern day ceremonial clothing – and let your school spirit activity show!

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