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Frustrated at School? Work Losing Its Luster? Students Bored, Misbehaving and Failing to Achieve?

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Are you starting to dread turning up to work each day? Would you like a straightforward, step by step process to restore passion in your job – so it excites you to a level you’ve never experienced before?

The right school theme can engage an entire school in learning, making the school environment a positive place for growth for both students and staff.

It can allow you to experience more passion and ‘flow’ on the job – even while achieving external goals like raising students grades and pass rates.

What’s more, by helping organize the theme you’ll establish a leadership position within the school and command more respect from students, parents and other staff members.

Our carefully designed and field-tested themes will:

  • develop cooperation among students
  • allow students to see past each others’ differences
  • get everyone in the school – staff and students – engaged in the education process
  • give students motivation to teach themselves, rather than just passively absorb information
  • develop pride and passion in teachers and students
  • get staff excited to wake up and come to school in the morning
  • allow teachers and leadership staff to enjoy the appreciation and respect they deserve
  • allow you to develop healthy competition among students to boost success in the classroom and on the sports field
  • develop a stronger sense of citizenship and community in your school
  • build the reputation of your school as a fun, positive and exciting learning environment
  • let you hit educational targets faster and have more fun on the job
  • allow you to reconnect with the passion that brought you to education in the first place

The Deluxe School Themes Range

Check out our wide selection of ready-made deluxe school themes below.

Each of these themes has been field-tested and proven to be a shortcut to better overall grades, better student engagement, and more satisfied staff.

Each theme allows you to cultivate particular character traits in your students, building the school culture you envision and helping you achieve performance goals.

S.E.A.S. Successfully Educating All Students

Successfully Educating All Students

Transform your school into a tropical paradise with the S.E.A.S. Theme. The theme extends to all aspects of school life, right down to the essentials of admin and communication – school newsletters, handbooks, stationary and website all fall in line with parrots and pirates, tropics and treasure.

Each teacher is presented with a treasure chest at the first staff meeting – a box of tools with which to make the theme come alive for students.


T.W.I.S.T. Teamwork Will Inspire Students and Teachers
Teamwork Will Inspire Students and Teachers

Teamwork is a key element of getting the best performance levels from students and staff. School is a social environment – without a sense of being part of a team, working towards common goals, students quickly lose interest in what they’re doing.

Learning shouldn’t be a solitary chore – it should be a social, interactive and exciting experience. It’s that sense of excitement about learning that this theme cultivates, so students put in more effort to learn on their own, taking pressure off staff.


S.H.O.E.S. Students Having Opportunities for Excellence and Success

Students Having Opportunities for Excellence and Success

A flexible theme which can be used to boost student performance and satisfaction across a wide range of subjects. This theme is perfect if you’re looking to raise the bar all across your school, in all academic subjects as well as sports and inter-school competitions.

The idea of the theme is to “walk in someone else’s shoes,” so it helps to develop cooperation and a sense of understanding for others. Students will engage themselves fully when studying historical people, imagining themselves living the lives of their study subjects.

Shoes are used symbolically for everything from math problems to art classes, and the practical side of real shoes is covered in physical education. This is a true whole-school, cross-curriculum theme.


H.A.T.S. Helping All To Succeed

Helping All To Succeed

Inject the fun and excitement of a dress-up birthday party into your school on a daily basis with this theme.

The beauty of this theme is that it acts as a great way to motivate students by keeping them focused on future goals – they can wear a fireman’s hat, a policeman’s hat, or any other hat that fits in with their dreams and aspirations.

This helps bridge the gap between working hard and learning in the present, and achieving big goals later in life. The lack of this motivation is one reason students often feel bored and disinterested in class – they don’t see how what they’re doing relates to their best interests in the future.


R.O.D.E.O. Reaching Outcomes through Daily Educational Opportunities

Reaching Outcomes through Daily Educational Opportunities

A great theme for younger age groups, the R.O.D.E.O. Theme allows you to create a world within your school, harnessing the energy and mental toughness of the old Wild West.

A great way to bring some liveliness to your school, this theme can also be ideal for cultivating a sense of the importance of hard work and discipline in students.


H.A.P.P.Y. Have A Positive Productive Year

Have A Positive, Productive Year

The name says it all – turn a gloomy school environment into one glowing with smiles and positive attitudes. We all know that moods are one of those factors that can have a big influence on learning – but they often seem to be out of our control.

Low moods throughout the school (especially during winter months) can bring down concentration levels and create tensions between frustrated teachers and bored, unenthusiastic students. You can lift your whole school out of a funk like this with the H.A.P.P.Y. Theme.


C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. Children with Happy Attitudes Make Positive Influences On Neighborhood Schools

Children with Happy Attitudes Make Positive Influences On Neighborhood Schools

This can hardly be called a ‘school theme’ – because it’s so much more than that. It breaks beyond the boundaries of the classroom and playing field, altering students’ attitudes to how they approach life at home, around the neighborhood and in life in general.

It’s built on the Olympic motto: faster, higher, stronger. It’s designed to develop a strong sense in students that whether they win or lose, what matters most is that they give their best and never give up. The theme develops a sense of community and citizenship in students, so they’ll represent your school well even outside of school hours.


U.S.A. Upstanding Students All-Around

Upstanding Students All-Around

Is your school lacking a sense of patriotism and citizenship?

The U.S.A. Theme is the answer – not only does it develop a greater sense of unity within your school, it can also encourage students to take a greater interest in history and social studies.

This is a particularly good choice for an election year or a year when a big sports event like the Olympics is being held, so the work students do in class can be tied to real-world events that are happening around them.

If building character is a key goal of your school culture development, this is the theme for you. You’ll choose key character-building focus words to weave into the theme at every opportunity, such as tolerance, caring, respect, responsibility, manners, cooperation, listening and honesty.


F.I.E.S.T.A. Focusing on Important Educational Standards That All students can meet

Focusing on Important Educational Standards That All students can meet

This theme is all about opening students’ minds to new cultures. It’s an especially effective theme if you have a strong Hispanic student population within your school and you want to develop greater understanding across cultural borders between students with different backgrounds.

This theme helps students become more open-minded and tolerant, as well as developing a stronger interest in the study of other countries and cultures.


S.T.A.R.S. Study, Try, Achieve for Recognition and Success

Study, Try, Achieve for Recognition and Success

Do you feel like essential people in your school aren’t getting the recognition they deserve? A school theme isn’t just about students and teachers – it should all the ‘behind the scenes’ heroes: the principals, superintendents, secretaries, counselors, librarians, cooks and bus drivers who make a school run smoothly.

This theme helps everyone in the school develop a greater appreciation for the part others play – leading to a much deeper sense of community and cooperation within the school itself.

At the same time you cultivate an understanding of the kindness and passion everyone within the school brings to what they do, allowing students to develop a more rounded idea of what work and the future are really all about.


P.O.W.E.R. Providing Opportunities With Enrichment and Responsibility

P.O.W.E.R. Is unique amongst all our themes. Not only does is bolster school spirit, it also provides practical, hands on techniques for time management geared towards better classroom efficiency and better academic results.

The theme integrates perfectly with the before-school Power Hour program. This theme represents a perfect balance between cultivating school spirit and culture and driving towards academic achievement goals for both staff and students.


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Combining the western RODEO, HAPPY attitudes and festive FIESTA attributes


Combining a “walk in my SHOES” experience with the HAT in hand style of those just TWISTing for fun


Combining the STARS recognition, treasure chests of the SEAS and patriotism of the good old USA


The Ultimate School Theme Combo Pack
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What are the advantages of the Combo Pack over an individual theme?

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    • You have the option to switch themes whenever you want if one theme starts to lose its effectiveness

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School Themes Combo Pack

NEW! Fabulous all 10 Themes Combo

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Although it’s common for one school theme to last a whole year… some schools enjoy competition among classrooms or grade levels.

As an example… our theme titles are highlighted and your 10th graders… might be STARS while the 11th graders become CHAMPIONS and seniors show POWER.

Thus, our theme shop offers an opportunity to combine the best Theme Combo’s to promote your school spirit.

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