School Fundraising (How To Fundraise When Every $ Counts)

School Fundraising
Should Be Fun !

Most school fundraising activities have a single goal !

To raise money, of course.

But let’s remember… your school fundraiser events can also be a lot of fun.

Most of us don’t put money and fun in the same sentence but it’s true.

And… you even have an opportunity to create school fundraising competition among students.

This school fundraiser fun can be a social function where everyone in your community is invited to attend. And it could even be sponsored as a PTO fundraiser or PTA fundraising event.

A little creativity.. a little thought… a few partnerships…. a pinch of teamwork – and the outcome ?

A very successful school fund-raising campaign. Whatever fundraising theme it takes to supplement the school budget right ?

Each school fund-raising campaign may promote different objectives and expectations for fundraiser events.

We understand the importance of fundraising, and the challenges you and your group face.

We got tired of doing car washes and bake sales that took all day and raised only a few dollars. So we developed fun, easy fundraiser programs that raised the needed funds, fast.

Participation in our programs is simple, safe, efficient, and best of all, free!

Whether you are in a club, sports team, school, or any other non-profit group, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals.

Of course no money is ever turned away… but realistically schools generally have an idea about how much their school fund-raising efforts will earn.

This knowledge helps determine the number and frequency of school fund raising events to be conducted each year.

The more detailed team planning you conduct, the more likely it is…. you’ll raise the amount of money your school needs.

Let me share a personal story about a recent school fundraising event.

In this particular school district we’re limited to no more than two school fundraiser activities per year.

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Each year we schedule a school carnival. We struck a deal with our local Walmart store. They give us a gift card worth $2500.00 which can only be used for food items.

We use it to buy all the food for our carnival and get volunteers to prepare and serve everything at the carnival.

100% profit for our School Fund Raiser.

In exchange, through our school’s quarterly newsletter, we mention our school carnival and encourage parents/teachers etc to patronize the store making the donation.

Once annually after the carnival, we publish a special thank you listing of all donating businesses. We also get lots of donations from small businesses (bike shops, tanning salons, avon reps etc.)

Additionally, each class is asked to come up with a theme. Then the teacher sends home a note about the themes selected and asks that each child bring in a new item supporting that theme.

From these items a basket is made and then auctioned at the carnival.

This costs each family $1.00 to $100.00 depending upon what theme items they decide to buy. The kids, having picked their own theme, present their baskets at the carnival.

They get quite excited about competing with other classes to make their baskets bigger and better.

Recent presentations included baskets representing a Kitchen theme that auctioned for $380 and a Mexican Fiesta theme basket that auctioned for $145.

Our carnival event is a great school fund-raising activity that everyone enjoys.

And speaking of themes…

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