School Fund Raiser

School Fund Raiser

School Fund Raiser – Caught In The Net

Today’s school administrations must constantly deal with the shortage of funds.

A school fundraiser has become one way to help fill the gap.

Schools are caught in a net of rising costs, increasing enrollments and more expensive equipment needs.

Once school supplies were mostly books and paper. Today students have to have access to computer labs and much more.

Schools used to pay for winning student teams to travel and attend championship competitions.

And it isn’t just the sporting events… there are also competitions such as forensics and debate teams.

Now, students often must raise their own money with school help. A school fundraiser, carefully planned, can bring much needed money into the school on a regular basis.

School Fund-Raiser Nets Profits

We understand the importance of fundraising, and the challenges you and your group face.

We got tired of doing car washes and bake sales that took all day and raised only a few dollars. So we developed fun, easy fundraiser programs that raised the needed funds, fast. Participation in our programs is simple, safe, efficient, and best of all, free! Whether you are in a club, sports team, school, or any other non-profit group, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals.

A school fundraiser has several potential advantages over student group fundraisers.

  • Your school can sponsor bigger fund raising campaigns
  • Your school can generate publicity which showcases the school’s achievements
  • Your school knows what kind of fundraisers will work
  • Your school fund-raiser can have continuity from year to year
  • Your school has experienced staff and administrators
  • Your school can do a lot of preplanning before the school year even starts

A properly conducted school fundraiser can net big profits. It is very discouraging for a school to have inadequate facilities, broken equipment or to try and teach students with outdated technology.

Networking With A School Fund-Raiser

A key to school success lies in its relationship with the surrounding community. Even people who have no children often take an interest in the local school.

That is because most people can see the value of a good school offering a good education.

A school fund raiser provides an opportunity to extend a welcome to the community to participate in its success. The best schools are often ones where the community is heavily involved.

The caveat is the school has to make sure that whatever it chooses as its fundraiser meets certain minimum standards.

  • Merchandise or service being sold has quality
  • Fund raising campaign changes from year to year
  • Fund raising project is not held too often

Whenever possible, your school should offer opportunities for the community to visit the school. These include dinners, student shows and open houses.

Interacting directly with the school creates a sense of ownership.

A school fundraiser is not a single year project. It will have to be done each year for years to come. Building a bond between the school and the community lays the foundation for fund raising success.

A School Fund-Raiser Can Fall Through The Net

Lack of proper planning can be a major flaw in school fundraising. It pays to do a little research. Online there are professional vendors who have expertise in creating a school fund raiser.

  • Offering supplies at a discount
  • Identifying appropriate fund raisers that will net the largest profit
  • Supplying promotional agenda
  • Creating a website to support the event

Today, with the world wide web access, schools actually have the option of continuous fundraising on the internet. Online stores with logo items, web based thrift stores and donation sites are just a few of the innovative ideas schools can use to raise money.

Your school should try to plan properly in implementing your school fund raiser. You don’t want community members to avoid students at their door or to discard mailings supporting your needs.

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