School Awards

School Awards

School Awards – Pat On The Back

From the time we are young, we appreciate being rewarded for effort, and awards carry on the tradition.

But school or educational awards serve a much higher purpose than recognition.

They build school spirit, promote unity, develop school loyalty and encourage community support.

Students work very hard in school. There are academics, clubs, sport teams, spirit squads and special events.

The activities teach responsibility, organization and teamwork. And – awards are the proverbial pat on the back for a job well done. They of course can be recognition awards for just about any accomplishment.

Taking Notice With School Awards

Awards are not given just to students. They are also used to recognize achievement at all administrative, teaching and community levels.

  • Academics
  • Student clubs
  • Service awards
  • Sports
  • Student government

  • Music
  • Teacher achievement
  • Parent support
  • School volunteers
  • Community or business support

Awards for achievement are given at award banquets, special ceremonies and club events. They are a way for your school to say thank you to contributors.

Awards mark every kind of success. When you enter any school, there is usually a cabinet full of team and student trophies.

Team awards are for academic and sports groups. And some awards can take forms other than trophies.

School Awards – Unfurling The Scroll

Announcements of importance used to be printed on a scroll, and then with great fanfare, the scroll would be unfurled.

Following that, trumpets blared and a page read the announcement out loud. Though awards aren’t written on scrolls anymore, the announcements are just as important.

But today, recognition can take many forms.

  • Plaques
  • Lapel pins
  • Paper certificates
  • Trophies
  • Engraved items such as clocks
  • Medals

Though there is no scroll listed, if your school really wanted to use one, there’s no doubt one could be found online! Schools use the awards to single out those people who make the school a success. Teacher awards are very popular with students who recognize awards should be given for more than just school grades.

Award giving also builds spirit. The awards can be designed so that they use school colors and logos. And school trophies or ribbons provide a lasting memento for years.

School Awards – The Glory Days

On many a fireplace mantle sits a reminder of the glory days. When a school chooses an award, it has many options concerning award material. Shopping for school or educational awards means deciding among these choices.

  • Acrylic
  • Marble
  • Crystal
  • Wood
  • Plastic

When wood is used, there are further choices as to the kind of wood. But that doesn’t end the decisions. Awards are etched or engraved or painted. They can be in black or white or in your school colors.

They can be generic or personalized. There is a choice of name plaques that can be placed on the awards or trophies – bronze or silver or gold or even plastic.

School Awards – Two Way Street

Shopping for school or educational awards is greatly simplified by using professionals. Online there are checklists with pricing and an options list.

Awards are only limited by available funds. The school, student clubs and even PTA’a or parents can purchase awards.

The truth is… recognition can go two ways.

Your school may want to award an active Parent-Teacher Association, but the parents may also desire to show appreciation to the school for administrative support.

Whatever the reason for the award, using professionals help can make school awards a very rewarding experience.

And here are some more fun activities for kids ideas.

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