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Student and school comments about their Prom Theme – we know what you want.

You want your “theme to be unique,”… “have fun with a theme and make it work,” “original and cool,”…

“decorations are important,”… “extraordinary events,”… “a prom you can remember forever.”

Whether your’s is a Junior prom, senior prom, large school or small… it’s clear everyone wants their prom to be original.

You want it to be cool, memorable and fun! Many universities and colleges also have proms, depending on the size of the graduating class and local desires.

Traditionally the guys are in their tux’s with colored cummerbunds or vests and the girls are showing off their formal prom gowns or prom dresses.
Prom ideas are in the final planning stage. You’ve got your prom decorations ready, prom favors are prepared, prom supplies are lined up and the big night is drawing closer.
Couples have exchanged matching boutonnieres and corsages… and getting ready to party.

However, depending upon your plans, the formal wear can change and everyone will dress according to your theme – such as – pastel suits for a Miami Vice-themed prom or something very different for a hollywood theme.

Think of these proms by title and how everyone might want to dress differently.

“An Ocean of Stars” | “A Night to Remember” | “One Stary Night”
“Pirates of the Carribean” | “Wild Wild West” | “Spring Fling” |
“Masqurade Ball” | “Legends of Camelot” | “Gilligan’s Island” |
“Take Me Out To the Ball Game” | “There’s No Place Like Homecoming”

“Saturday Night Fever” | “Treasure lsland”

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Your Prom is still a formal affair though with pictures, video, music and dancing so consider all the angles when choosing not to wear the traditional tuxedo and prom gown.
Choose wisely – it’s lasting memories you’re creating.
Commonly your prom activities will include dining, dancing and the crowning of a King and Queen.
The expenses for prom can be significant and in some cases, students accumulate funds for their class prom through special fundraisers over the four years they attend high school.
Some prom activities may include the rental of ballrooms at expensive hotels or pleasure cruise boats. It is also common for students to group together and take limousines to their proms.
In other cases where expense or location may restrict some of your choices… the school gym is used. This is very common and the decorating committee always meets the challenge.

So well in fact that most decorations, invitations, supplies and products are locally provided. However, if you need help with any of these items here’s a prom decorations resource. And if you need additional ideas remember to check their Theme Kits page.

Our goal is to “serve the education community” and we invite you to review our school themes designed to raise school spirit as an investment in your future.

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