Hollywood Prom Theme

Hollywood Prom Theme

Hollywood Prom Theme – Dazzling Arrays

This prom theme idea captures Hollywood excitement and glamour with sparkling decorations.

Hollywood is the land of glitz and dazzle. Movie stars and famous directors have created a place where reality is suspended and exotic living is the standard. This theme makes the perfect idea for a prom.

Prom night should stand out from all the other school activities. It is a special night and deserves special attention.

The Hollywood theme is the perfect way to create an atmosphere of romance and glamour. It creates a setting that is worlds apart from the day-to-day school themes used for other activities.

With some imagination, your gym can be turned into tinsel town with the red carpet rolled out and ready to guide students into the dance.

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Everyone needs moments of magic in their lives and the Hollywood prom theme creates just that… special magic.

Hollywood Prom Theme – Creating Glamour

Creating Hollywood glamour takes a bit of imagination. The Hollywood theme utilizes the best of movie star elegance to create an enchanting prom scene.

There are so many wonderful ways to add sparkle to the prom. And here are a few ideas that might work for your school prom.

  • Choose an elegant color scheme that shines… such as black and gold or gold and silver
  • Create a red carpet entrance from the front right to the prom
  • Use lavish Hollywood inspiring themes like film and palm trees and spotlights
  • Wear clothes reminiscent of the old Hollywood glory days such as top hat and feather boas
  • Decorate with enchanting items such as sparkly stars and rotating glass reflective balls
  • Purchase decorating kits to maintain a consistent theme
  • Display photographs of famous Hollywood stars
  • Decorate with balloons and hanging ceiling decorations that match your theme colors

Prom themes can really help create a night to remember. The prom is often the first formal dance teenagers attend. There are plenty of other dances, but this dance is special.

For one thing it is reminiscent of the old-fashioned “coming out” parties where young men and women were introduced to formal society.

And the prom is after all, an opportunity to look and act formal. The prom is another step towards adulthood, and it deserves special treatment.

Hollywood Prom Theme – Picture Perfect

The Hollywood theme is the perfect chance to create an unusual and memorable evening. It is touching to see young adults dressed in formal attire, because it is a poignant reminder that youth passes by so very quickly.

There are lots of ideas to make your prom theme, picture perfect. From special food preparation to glittery decorations, the evening and the guests sparkle throughout the night.

If you need help making the Hollywood theme idea work for your setting, there are lots of tips and suggestions available. Whatever you do – don’t forget to plan on taking lots of pictures.

We never pass this way again, and pictures remind us of what it was like to be in Hollywood- even if only for one night. Use a Hollywood prom theme and put the glamour in the prom.

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