Paris Prom Theme

Paris Prom Theme

Paris Prom Theme – Romantic Getaway

Imagine a prom theme that suggests a night of romance! Your prom can be that special dance that honors students who have succeeded in their Junior and Senior years.

It deserves special recognition as one of the most memorable high school events of the year.

A Prom theme can create a Parisian night which is special in itself, but even more complete with a small version of the Eiffel Tower.

It’s also a great theme to use because many students in high school dream of traveling the world some day. An evening in Paris is the perfect theme to entice dreams and aspirations for students on the threshold of adulthood.

Paris Prom Theme – Planning a Trip

Planning a trip to Paris for prom night requires plenty of advance preparation. The magical Paris theme only improves through the hard work of your prom committee.

This committee usually includes a faculty representative to help guide volunteer students. They review options, consider cost implications and the amount of setup time required.

Once the votes are final and “Paris” is chosen… it’s time to get down to the details of creating your Paris enchantment.

  • How many people will attend
  • Decide on a budget
  • Decide on the location


  • Arrange for the photographer
  • How will we publicize our prom


Event ThemesCreate a Paris Night to remember!
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Event Themes

Utilizing the Paris theme might require a little extra creativity. Creating just the right atmosphere suggests a little more preplanning too.

    • Decide on the best theme decorations
    • Advertise your prom theme throughout the community


  • Select the food
  • Purchase party favors
  • Decide on themed tableware
  • Choose theme music
  • Order flower arrangements
  • Arrange prom night events
  • Hire your photographer
  • Determine table arrangements

Whether you’re actually traveling to Paris or just planning a Paris theme, attention to detail is important. There are many Paris related decorations that can turn your bare gym or hotel ballroom into a fabulous Paris night.

Paris Prom Theme – The City of Lights

Paris is called the City of Lights, and the Paris theme recreates that beauty. The job is made simple by shopping online for decorating kits that promote the Paris theme.

  • Faux Eiffel Tower covered in lights
  • Old lampposts as found on Paris streets
  • Paris sights as backgrounds for picture taking
  • Paris walkways recreating Paris magic
  • Table Centerpieces
  • Votive candles creating twinkling lights

The Paris theme creates a beautiful evening that will provide lasting memories. Afterall… Paris is called the City of love.

You can create a romantic setting with café tables and a rose garden, transporting prom attendees to Paris streets for leisurely strolling and carefree dancing. Choose the right music to enhance the theme and the night is set for perfect elegance.

The Paris prom theme is the perfect choice for a romantic and elegant prom dance. Visiting Paris is the dream of many and your Prom Theme gives them a head start on that dream trip.

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