Prom Theme Decoration

Prom Theme Decoration

Prom Theme Decoration – Tips and Suggestions

There are so many different prom theme decoration ideas to choose from… it’s difficult to know where to start.

But let’s review some tips and suggestions to make decorating plans for your prom easier… and to provide an idea of the variety of items available.

Using balloons and matching streamers you can create a festive mood. These are traditional items that aid in creating a party atmosphere in nearly any room. Prom decorating adds a real classy touch.

They add a touch of excitement and surprise to walkways and hanging pictures. These items can even be used to create centerpieces and ‘floral’ arrangements. The streamers add a touch of elegance to your room without breaking the budget.

Try to match decorations at food and guest tables. Your theme is paramount so you’ll want to promote it in matching styles and colors wherever possible.

Inexpensive items that suggest royalty or exotic locales make wonderful decorating items.

Prom decoration ideas include imprints displaying the date and your prom theme. These imprints offer not only decorations but great “got to have one” souvenirs.

You needn’t spend a lot of money on lights for prom theme decoration plans. It’s all about the prom dance and prom music choices. It’s got to be a special night so let’s give it our best shot.

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Purchase inexpensive strings of lights and hang them around tables or arches and doorways to create a beautiful effect.

If your funds allow, rent or buy a disco ball or pulsating light machine that creates special effects. Your prom decorations will glitter in the light. Use table skirts and table covers to hide ugly tables.

They can be plastic or paper and purchased in different colors to match your prom theme. Simple white ones go with just about any decoration scheme.

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Or you can buy table covers that match your school colors if this works for your prom theme.

  • Use table centerpieces to increase the dance spirit at each table. Tables can be further decorated with confetti and cutouts and other themed items.
  • Use themed napkins, glassware and plates either imprinted or in your prom colors.
  • Candles always make a wonderful addition. They add a soft glow that balances the impact of other prom theme decoration ideas.
  • It is traditional to give a keepsake gift to each attendee imprinted with your school name or logo, highlighting the prom theme and date.
  • Use place cards for designated seating such as the King and Queen or special guests.

There are a lot of prom decoration ideas that create a room full of

glitter and glamour without spending a lot of money. Professional assistance from prom experts who know all the tricks of the trade is available online if needed.

They can help you pick items that match the importance of this very special occasion.

Prom Theme Decoration – Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there were young adults who attended a dance held in their honor. The decorations were beautiful and the entire kingdom was talking about their great beauty.

Theme decoration ideas can insure that prom theme night is always kept alive as a special memory. Glittering lights, table decorations and candles create an atmosphere of celebration. And so, the people in the kingdom danced the night away …..

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