School Dance Theme

School Dance Theme

School Dance Theme – Rock and Roll

School dance theme choice is more than just picking a topic. School dances can be events that create long lasting memories.

Most everyone can recall their first dance and will be able to tell you all about it. A typical story begins with excitement about being asked to attend the dance with someone they admire.

Memories include the dress you wore, the music that was playing and perhaps even the first kiss. School dances provide opportunities to mingle with other students and check out what they’re wearing.

There are also fond memories of talking to friends, dancing to the rock and roll band or trying that new dance the stars are popularizing.

Such sweet and treasured memories are created not just by the dance itself, but because your school “played” to a special theme. A dance theme provides the unifying features that make such special events so memorable.

School Dance Theme – One Idea … Many Steps

A school dance can be a “big league” event! Think of the flowers, popular music, dance competitions, friendship, new shoes and plain old-fashioned fun.

Your dance theme is chosen to ensure everyone is inspired and ready to strutt their stuff !

All children like to celebrate and a dance can offer just the right atmosphere. Picture entering the gym and do you see the decorations students worked on? It’s a real party atmosphere and everything is designed to match your chosen theme.

Your cafeteria tables are decorated… see the banners, sparkling lights, hanging ornaments and cutouts too ? They’ve really been creative.

This is the kind of dance you’ll want to record. Maybe a CD or DVD will accompany your yearbook. Students and staff work hard to build these kinds of memories. Let’s not let them be lost. We’ll want a dance theme that students can embrace as their own.

Choosing a dance theme makes it easier to plan the whole event.

  • Simplifies your entertainment choices
  • Songs chosen can match your dance theme
  • Themed decorations are easier to coordinate

Every class has its own personality and “special characters.” With a little encouragement and creativity your theme can be expanded to capture those special moments that make this dance… truly memorable.

Student dance memories should be vivid and your theme preparations can create opportunities for kids to show their individual spirit.

Let the good times roll !

  • Themes by year… such the ‘80’s’
  • Formal dress themes
  • Themes promoting sports achievements
  • Themes based on the classical arts
  • Themes promoting character education standards

A school dance theme can help boost school spirit. Your theme can unify students in a common cause or community event and even help in fundraising efforts. Choosing a theme can teach important lessons about compromise.

It is not unusal to select a theme among competing choices. It could be cost, season, administration guidance or other factors compelling students to make their choice. There are valuable lessons in this selection process.

School Dance Theme – Making a Difference

One thing not to neglect is fun. Your dance theme must inspire, motivate and excite students. A little dash of fun is an important ingredient not to be overlooked. Sponsor some innovative ideas, encourage spontaneous creativity and you’ll be on your way.

All schools are unique. Find ways to introduce your “special difference” and you’ll make school dance themes memories that will last a life time.

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