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School Dance Themes

School Dance Themes – Developing Character

When you think about picking a dance theme, it might not seem obvious but vastly different messages can be imagined…

Your theme title is intended to “say it all” but school dances are about so much more than knowing the latest moves.

Dances represent that grand opportunity for students to socialize among their peers.

It’s not always easy to put your best foot forward in front of classmates.

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Dance themes are collaborative events… the product of creative staff and students who want their school to be special and different.

– Popular Songs For Your Dance Themes –

  • Hero – Mariah Carey
  • Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler
  • When You Believe – Whitney Houston with Mariah Carey
  • Don’t Forget To Remember Me – Carrie Underwood
  • Break Away – Kelly Clarkson
  • My Wish – Rascal Flatts
  • Keep holding On – Arvil Lavinge
  • Always And Forever – Luthor Vandros
  • Don’t Let Go – Bryan Adam with Sarah McLaughlin
  • The Rose – Bette Midler

You’ll have multiple theme ideas to choose from and your selection will likely be guided by administrator sanctions and budget concerns.

Sure the popular kids will offer their ideas too… and why not? You’ll want your dance themes to be “home grown.” So round up those creative souls who will help with overall planning and decorations.

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Dance themes require team work. You may have judges, costume designers, musicians, transportation and many other items to consider. A little help wouldn’t hurt.
Deciding which dance themes will fit your school’s culture and promote school spirit at the same time is yet an added challenge. Your school is unique so use every opportunity to solicit ideas that make your “uniqueness” stand out.
All the kids know their school is different. Your staff and even your community know… so break out the banners, turn on the lights, turn up the volume, acknowledge what’s different and make your school dance a special time for everyone to remember.
School Dance Themes – Traditional to Unusual
Everyone remembers attending school dances and most remember which themes were selected. There were decorations and costumes and table centerpieces. The chosen music matched the theme if possible and so did everyone’s attire.

School dance themes can help make memories that last a lifetime. But prior to the first twirl around the dance floor, someone has the master plan figured out. A lot of behind the scenes work went into this special time.
Perhaps your school dance committee helped pick just the right theme and is prepared to ensure everything goes off as planned. Picking dance themes and planning all the supporting events exercises some valuable skills for student committees.

  • Increasing social awareness
  • Reinforced cultural values
  • Increasing student confidence
  • Developing the ability to work with others
  • Inspired creativity
  • Increased planning and organizing
  • Budgeting skills

School dances can be held for all grade levels but generally begin at the middle school ages and up. Behavior and appropriate attire probably receive more attention at the Junior and High School level.
We want everyone to be safe so chaperones are sometimes significant members of school dance themes and related parties. Every school has its standards that are well published to parents and students prior to the dance.
It’s just an extra safety feature to include chaperones or volunteer parents so that everyone is reminded of the expected student conduct. Some chaperones and even some parents are alumni so it’s not unusual to see them checking out the new music and dance routines.

Often, dances are organized as fundraisers. School dance themes can be coordinated to suit this purpose and community members may even participate. For example, your school may wish to raise funds for your band to attend a distant competition and you can solicit local retailers to contribute items to be auctioned during your school spirit carnival.

The possibilities are endless… the only limits are your needs, resources and creativity.

Dance themes may be organized to suit a selected grade level or serve a particular cultural notion. You might choose a light hearted old-fashioned sock hop for high school or for elementary school, maybe animals, musicals, or seasonal choices would hit the mark.

Theme ideas can be serious, formal, or just plain fun… like a revue of dancing flowers that kindergartners would just love. Of course, school dance themes can be used at all grade levels so your choices are unlimited.

  • Preschool dance themes might promote rhythm and coordinated movement
  • Elementary school dance themes can focus on creativity and student social interaction
  • High school dance themes target school spirit and public service.
  • College dance themes continue with community traditions and ever expanding camaraderie

Pick nearly any topic under the sun. Think of movie themes, Hollywood themes, period dances, rock and roll, country music themes, sunset evening themes, international themes, and of course, starry nights themes.
Though these theme ideas might sound traditional, you can create your own special twists by playing on your school’s unique features. Students will treasure the memories and perhaps even brag a little, when their theme is really different than other schools in your community.

School Dance Themes – Be Creative
School dances put students in an environment where lots of choices have to be made… what to wear, who to be seen with, what music to dance to, how about my hair, my shoes, my boyfriend, my girlfriend and on and on.
With a little creative planning you can ease the burden and ensure above all else… school dance themes are about having fun and promoting school spirit !
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