Student Fundraiser

Student Fundraiser

Penny For Your Thoughts – How About A Student Fundraiser?

The first challenge a student fund raiser faces is establishing that their cause is worthy.

Raising money is never easy because people are approached for so many worthy causes.

So a little bit of school spirit is in order.

Students will want to convince the community to help support their goals. Everyone asked to contribute money has a personal budget and limited resources.

So… be prepared to state your goals clearly and justify your funding needs.

Maybe the goals are obvious at your school, but community members that are approached and asked to contribute money, aren’t as aware of them as you are.

You may need money for school items… supplies, uniforms, sports equipment, lab equipment, computers, printers, travel costs or a host of other items.

We understand the importance of school fundraising and the challenges you and your group face.

We got tired of doing car washes and bake sales that took all day and raised only a few dollars. So we developed fun, easy fundraiser programs that raised the needed funds, fast.

Participation in our programs is simple, safe, efficient, and best of all, free!

Whether you are in a club, sports team, school, or any other non-profit group, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals.

It is a difficult task under the best of circumstances. But school needs have general popular support. So, you just need to have a clear, convincing plan that supports your goals and demonstrates to others… that your needs are justified.

Students are applauded for putting forth the effort and a well-planned student fund raiser that establishes realistic goals and is considerate of their community members, will reward them handsomely.

A Student Fundraiser Gambles On Success | Fundraising – Beyond the Bake Sale

It takes a fair degree of courage to begin a student fund raiser. Fund raising is often a lot of work and always a gamble to a certain degree.

Your fundraiser, no mater how well planned could be competing with other community events, holiday preparations, individual travel plans, seasonal programs or any other local planning that might require special purchases by community members.

But, with appropriate planning and taking advantage of proven techniques, the odds are greatly increased that your goals can be met. So, the very first thing to do is set a reasonable goal that can realistically be achieved.

Next… let’s review a few precautions to be aware of.

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  • Try to establish a set time period for your student fundraiser. If it is run too long, there is the risk that people involved in your student fund raiser will tire and not be able to continue to give their full effort. Running it too long also increases the risk that the community will stop giving, because they see no end in sight.
  • Don’t overlap fundraisers. Running more than one student fundraiser at a time will likely decrease the fundraising donations. More than one event at a time could easily result in both events not reaching their goals.
  • Don’t run your student fundraiser too often. Each fundraising event should be dedicated to a particular goal or particular cause. When fundraisers are held too close together they discourage potential contributors from maximum participation… because they know they know there’s another request… right around the corner.

When your student fundraiser is planned, a lot of time and effort is expected of many people. It doesn’t matter if it is a simple car wash, a carnival, auction or a more elaborate evening dinner, the effort is significant.

Try to find the means to recognize and reward those who give of their time and energy to help your school achieve its needs. This simple but very important public recognition of their efforts will pay big dividends down the road.

Show Me The Money At the End Of A Student Fundraiser

There are several ways to raise money. The broad categories are simple donations, raffles, taking orders for goods, or direct sales. But, the key to success is to hold a fundraiser that volunteers can support.

Matching your goals and needs with the available staff and resources will increase the odds of your success. Some of your staff members are “naturals”… they love getting all the details figured out, keeping track of individual results and recognizing the top performers etc.

Getting help from a professional fundraiser organization is another choice and can sometimes make all the difference in the world.

They have lists of ideas that your fundraising committee can choose from. Complete instructions on how to hold a successful school fundraising campaign and… at the end of your student fundraiser…

The volunteers can congratulate themselves on their success as they count the money and reward your school in having met another goal.

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