Student Backpacks For Back To School and More

Student Backpacks

Student Backpacks – Take A Hike

There was a day when student back packs were for hikers only.

Rugged canvas bags that could withstand rough outdoor treatment, they represented the great outdoors.

When someone said let’s take a hike, you’d grab an ordinary backpack, throw some food in it and take off down the trail.

Times have changed. Student bookbags are now used by all students – indoors and outdoors equally.

You can still get rugged backpacks for camping, but you can also get pink or nylon or cloth backpacks.

Fitted for today’s lifestyle, student bookbags are designed to make life easier and handier, while still capable of handling heavy books and lots of homework.

Student Backpacks – Trailing Behind | Student Backpacks

It is not unusual to look behind a student and see a student back pack or book bag hanging from their shoulder. From youngsters meandering to school to college students walking across campus, backpacks have become a symbol of organization.

Everything needed for the day can be placed in the student back pack or bookbag, eliminating the worry of forgetting something important. They are almost like portable desks.

Student back packs are marvels of space engineering. Once upon a time, a student only had books and maybe a calculator. Today, electronics have made additional backpack pockets a necessity.

Once, there was one big space for supplies with maybe an outside pocket for smaller items. Today, student bookbags are loaded with nooks and crannies intended to hold all the modern day student conveniences.


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  • Cell phone pocket
  • Increased number of small and zippered compartments for items like batteries and headphones
  • Money compartment
  • Choice of openings at top of back or front of back panel
  • Locker or hook loop
  • Space for MP3 player

But there are a lot more features to choose among than number and size of pockets.

Student Back packs – Boot Camp

If you were going to marine boot camp, the backpack you would be assigned would weigh 150 pounds when it was full, be pea green and strictly utilitarian.

Fortunately, most people don’t have to carry that kind of weight around. But even student back packs filled with schoolbooks and electronic equipment can be heavy.

There are a lot of new features on backpacks that make them stylish, yet letting the student carry the load easily.

  • Cushioned back panels
  • Various colors
  • Character themes for younger student
  • Choice of materials
  • S-curved shoulder straps
  • Rigid or flexible frames
  • Clear (see-through) packs for security reasons
  • Reflective safety strips
  • Zippers or Velcro closing

These are just a few of the features available.

Student Backpacks – Field Trips

Student back packs are used for a lot more reasons than just school! They are good for ‘all-nighters’ at a friend’s house. Packed with essential items, it’s more convenient than a suitcase. Student back packs are used for:

  • Field trips to carry supplies or food
  • Church meetings or classes
  • Camping trips
  • Vacations

Just about any time you can think of where you must carry papers or books or food or supplies can make great use of student backpacks. Shopping for student back packs is simple.

Decide the kind of features you are looking for, go online and pick one of the thousands of styles and colors available.

Ranging in price from inexpensive to high priced, there are student backpacks for every budget.

Be prepared! Load up the backpack, kiss your son or daughter goodbye, and know they are ready for anything the day might bring as they head back to school.

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