School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas – Filling In The Gaps

At one time, schools were able to pay for all the activities at their school. Their budgets included funds, not just for operating the school, but also to support clubs and athletic events.

With budget shortfalls, many schools are no longer able to cover all expenses. The result has been an increase in fundraising projects sponsored by schools.

There are now hundreds of school fund-raising ideas that are utilized everyday and provide much needed money for important expenses.

School Fundraising Ideas – It’s Elementary!

When you think of school fund raising ideas, chances are you think of traditional money raising campaigns. These include candy bars or certificates for photos to be taken in a studio and placed on Christmas cards.

There are still some people who feel they must avoid fundraising because they believe they will have to do door-to-door selling.

Well here’s a special match maker service that compares your needs against available services. Super Fundraiser is a service that fills the growing need for school and youth group volunteers to have fundraising programs tailored to meet their specific needs, not just a “one size fits all fundraiser.”

Super Fundraiser is here to help novice and seasoned fundraising veterans obtain free information, referrals to trusted third party companies and free tools to help maximize the results of their fundraising efforts.

When you think in these terms, it opens the possibilities because many things have changed in the world of sales and there are many ways to raise money, just try to remain creative with your fund raising theme.

There are so many innovative and interesting ideas today. There is no reason why a school cannot find an idea that will work for their purposes.

School fund-raising ideas can be used for all schools and all school activities. Some of the more popular ideas include opportunities for each of these organizations.

    • Elementary
    • High School
    • College
    • School Clubs
    • Sports
    • School Trips
    • Special Projects
    • Church Youth Group Classes
    • PTO Fundraising

There are even school fundraising ideas for pre-school and kindergarten classes. Plus, many Parent-Teacher Organizations share ideas to help fundraise.

School Fund Raising Ideas Are Easy As Pie

Actually, selling pies is just one of hundreds of school fund raising ideas! The ideas are endless, but generally can be classified as one of two kinds of activities: direct sales or attendance events. It usually helps to decide if your school is pursuing a one-time fund goal or needs to raise money several times to reach a capital campaign goal.

Examples of direct sales campaigns include the following.


  • Raffles
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Candles
  • Donuts
  • Christmas Wreaths
  • Card Assortment
  • Coupon Books
  • Organic Products

School fundraising ideas that involve direct sales usually mean taking advance orders for product or selling product on hand.

School fund raising ideas that are classified as attendance events are events where people attend and pay money either for product or for attendance.

  • Silent Auctions
  • Dinners
  • Yard Sales
  • Book Fairs
  • Talent Shows

Obviously, attendance events have additional requirements as compared to direct sales. Attendance events require space and a way to encourage people to attend.

School Fund Raising Ideas Offer Competitive Edge

The decision to hold a fundraiser is not easy. They require lots of planning for success. Researching school fundraising ideas that have been tried and tested can save a lot of wasted effort. For a fund raising idea to work there are certain basic requirements that should be met.

  • Decide the goal – amount of funds needed and how quickly they are needed will narrow fund raising idea list
  • Set a budget so you can select a fund raiser that can be completed within budget
  • Determine those fund raising ideas that match the school culture
  • Establish the time of year for the event which will affect ideas that can be used; i.e. Christmas themes

School fund raising ideas are unlimited. They include everything from recycling to golf tournaments to chocolate sales. Choosing the right school fundraising idea is the first step towards a successful program. The next step is to find your volunteers and get busy!

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