High School Fund Raising

High School Fund Raising

High School Fund Raising – A Rewarding Experience

High school students are busy people. They have dances, athletic teams, clubs, and many other events. And remember, high school never ends.

And high schools themselves have just as many needs. They must try to offer technologically current classrooms and laboratories with under funded budgets.

Fund raising ideas for high school can be the answer for many money problems or challenges. The right fund raising project can be a very rewarding experience in more ways than one.

High School Fund Raising For the Accomplished

There is no substitution for achieving a goal through your own efforts.

H S fundraising teaches much more than just how to raise money. It teaches about setting a goal and then making a plan to reach that goal.

It is about working hard and seeing a project through to the end. It is about feeling a sense of accomplishment when that goal is reached.

H S fund raising is a joint effort between the school staff, and the students and their families.

Fund raising can help your school meet a myriad of objectives and here’s one of the best fund raising resources I’ve discovered.

  • Spirit building
  • Upgrade computer labs
  • Fund club events or trips
  • Pay for graduation trips
  • Purchase band uniforms
  • Support athletic teams
  • Purchase necessary classroom supplies
  • Expand library collection
  • Expand school facilities
  • Fund dances and dance bands

This list doesn’t begin to capture all the reasons your high school may embark on a fund raising campaign.

Going Online With High School Fund Raising

Beginning a high school fund raising program requires a lot of planning.

Once your school sets a financial goal, a decision must be made as to what kind of fund raising project will most quickly reach that goal.

There are several choices, including direct sales and special events. But there is also a third option – an online fundraiser. The internet can be used to:

1) find a great variety of fund raising ideas, and

2) offer a way to let supporters make donations or purchase specific fund raising items from their home.

Many parents no longer want their children knocking on neighbor doors or standing in front of supermarkets due to safety issues.

Online fundraisers offer the perfect alternative.

Your school can either have a link on its website or the fund raising site can drive business to your school.

There are so many advantages to this approach.

  • Can reach a much larger number of people than by personal direct sales
  • Requires fewer volunteers
  • Can be ongoing with no time limit

Some schools prefer more traditional fund raising approaches. The ideas are unlimited.

Your school might decide to sell cookies or gift-wrap. You may work with a local business and negotiate a percentage of sales that goes to your school.

Some high schools will have dinners in the gym or outdoor barbeques. Whichever approach is chosen, high school fund raising can be the answer to shortfalls in funding.

The Rules of High School Fundraising

Like everything else in life, there are rules to follow for successful high school fundraising.

  • Have a clear agreement with the vendor about upfront costs and profit margins
  • Set reasonable financial goals
  • Choose a fund raising company that will give support throughout the campaign
  • Select a program that matches the high school resources in terms of time and manpower
  • Make sure new fundraising campaigns do not undermine previous or ongoing efforts

Choosing the school fundraising program that will work best means avoiding the most common of mistakes – lack of planning and understanding.

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