Greenhurst Elementary School

Greenhurst Elementary School
Nampa, Idaho

Greenhurst Elementary School celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2009. We are a neighborhood school with an enrollment of 438 students and many can walk or ride their bikes.

Home of the Grizzlies

Greenhurst is a welcoming, caring place where students in grades K-5 master the essential skills in preparation for a lifetime of learning.

Our students also learn the building blocks of science, social studies, citizenship, and health complemented by art, music, and physical education in a comprehensive curriculum.

4th graders celebrated Wagons Ho demonstrations on April 8, 2010 at Greenhurst Elementary.

4th grade teachers Mrs. Mckellip and Mrs. Andra coordinated with students about items they should bring for this special event.

Students battled the wind as they moved from station to station on Greenhurst school grounds learning the different tasks settlers and other travelers would have to encounter as they moved across the country by wagon train. Students and many parents now have a new appreciation for the difficulties travelers might have encountered.

Typical daily tasks like cutting wood and starting a fire must not have always been easy.

Wagons Ho travelers also had to contend with having sufficient food and water during their travels.

They traveled many miles through dangerous country as they headed west.

And we can bet that weather conditions were not always kind to them so fires were important.
Greenhurst elementary volunteers particpated in the Wagons Ho demonstrations showing kids how to perform many of the tasks described.

Fire starting and gathering water with buckets were two of the most popular events with the kids.

Kids also had a chance to observe log sawing, a truly ambitious task suggesting travelers needed their chuck wagon nearby with plenty of biscuits and hard tack on hand.

The cook was always a valuable member of any Wagons Ho group and could be counted on to start a fire, grab a skillet or two, then rustle up some beans and grub for weary travelers.

Wagons Ho travelers also could often tell a tale or two and many a campfire night was likely spent telling favorite stories.

The fires blazed while cowboys rested their horses, layed out their saddles and blankets just waiting to hear another good story or two.

They didn’t have any marshmellows to roast but after a full day of walking and riding many welcomed the friendship and comfort of fellow travelers and settled in for a good nights rest.

Of course all good school events must include a little extra fun for the kids. And we at Greenhurst didn’t miss our chance to share in a little competition.

We had to have a tug of war competition just to say we did. The apparent struggle was close and opinions are still being counted but we think concensus supports a boys win.

Thank you to the teachers, parents, students and volunteers who made this a special event for all of us.

Greenhurst Elementary is dedicated to the success of all children in our school. We realize that to achieve this goal, we must partner with parents, recognizing that the parent is truly the child’s first and most important teacher. We invite parents to communicate openly with us as we work together to provide the best possible educational program and to visit and work within our school.

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