Graduation Quote

Graduation Quote

Graduation Quote – Food For Thought

Graduation is a major event in anyone’s life.

Many times there is a guest speaker who usually centers the speech on an appropriate good quote or current theme.

Filled with formal ceremonies and light hearted fun, it is a last chance for your school to deliver a message directly to students. Sometimes these kinds of things are performed by your valedictorian.

In some cases, the quote reflects your school theme.

Throughout the year, your theme might have appeared as a school spirit quote on shirts and school items.

A graduation quote can give a hearty banquet of food for thought with a small serving of words.

Hunger For A New Life

Students are always anxious to be done with school. Then suddenly graduation is here and it really happens.

Though it is a time of reflection, students are also hungry for the next stage of their life. The right quote or famous quotes can provide direction, wonder and a quest for future unknowns. Choosing carefully, the quote can:

  • Provide a link to history
  • Emotionally connect the graduate with successful people
  • Calm fears
  • Inspire students
  • Offer humor to ease tension
  • Offer information about the exciting future
  • Give a snapshot of the world waiting for the student

Full Of Expectation

Graduates are full of expectation. They work so hard to earn the privilege of attending a graduation ceremony.

They hope to hear words of wisdom and gain useful knowledge. The quote can be used in the speech and elsewhere.

  • Graduation announcements
  • Yearbooks
  • Homecoming banners
  • In conjunction with school theme
  • On spirit items

A different grad quote can be chosen for each event or each item if desired. They can be coordinated or offer completely different concepts. The point is to decide how to best motivate the graduating students.

Second Helpings

There are many quotes available online. Some are free and others can be purchased. Searching for the best quote means deciding which speaker best fits the student body.

There are many authors and speakers who have made inspirational statements to fit any occasion. Choose the quote by:

  • Topic
  • Author
  • Author’s experience
  • Student familiarity with the author
  • Relationship of quote to school theme or spirit

Students who relate to a quote will visit the words over and over during their lifetime. They will ask for second helpings of advice and wisdom.

A graduation quote seems like such a small piece of the graduation planning. But choosing your quote carefully will add meaningful dimension to the big event.

If your planning concerns high school, it’s often best to plan ahead before high school graduation theme celebrations really get going.

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