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Graduation Announcement

Would You Like To Dance ….Long ago it was common to expect a graduation announcement and an invitation to the commencement ceremony.There was commonly a graduation ball to be held that evening.Today, the number of students in graduating classes has grown so large because of population growth, schools have to start limiting attendance at some ceremonies.This evolved into the development of a graduation announcement and school spirit can be shown on your own personalized graduation invitations or banners for your big day.
Let’s Take a Whirl | Custom Printable Graduation Invitations
A grad announcement is so much more than a piece of fancy paper. It is a way to tell family, friends and the community that you have successfully completed your program of study.

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When there are not enough tickets to invite everyone to the graduation ceremony, families often follow-up with a party to celebrate. The graduation announcement tells the world you are ready to move into the next phase of your life. Stumps Grad announcements help showcase those special achievements.

  • Gain recognition for accomplishment
  • Mark a milestone in your life
  • Share the news
  • Seek opportunity

Announcements are usually sent for high school and college graduations. Schools normally offer an official graduation invite but announcements are often personalized.

Choosing Your Song

Graduation traditionally represents the completion of years of study, sometimes accompanied by blood, sweat and tears… Formal announcements are the tradition and usually include the following:

  • Hand addressed envelope
  • Inner envelope
  • Announcement
  • Name Card

When you purchase the official announcement through your school, there are typically, limited options to choose from.That’s because most schools rely on tradition and conformity. When you design your own personal grad announcement, the variations are endless.

  • Decide on the information you want included, such as major and college if this is a university graduation announcement
  • Choose a phrase of achievement
  • Decide if you want the personalized announcement to be gender specific
  • Pick the print, which can range from flat black to embossed raised gold
  • Match the envelope seals to the school or announcement theme
  • Choose a theme for personalized invitations, such as class theme or related to future goals.

When you purchase a graduation invitation through the school’s designated vendor, packages normally include a keepsake announcement.The keepsake is a nicer version of the ones being mailed out and is suitable for framing.

Your Swan Song

High school or college graduation is such a special time in your life. It only happens once and that particular song will not be sung again. It is a time mixed with joy and reflection and anticipation. A graduation announcement should reflect these mixed emotions with grace and dignity. If the college grad announcement includes an invitation to a graduation party, then the announcement should send a message of celebration. There are printers available locally and online that can print whatever you need to announce your special day. Authorized printers have a stock of school emblems and logos. There are several options to make your graduation very formal… or very personal.If you choose to be more formal, the name card, graduation picture and announcement are inserted into the inner envelope. The inner envelope is then placed inside the outer envelope. The envelope should be hand addressed. A less formal announcement may not have the inner envelope. The available formats to choose from are endless.Sometimes family or school tradition has its role and will guide some of your graduation announcement decisions. If your planning concerns high school, it’s often best to plan ahead before high school graduation theme celebrations get going.But no matter what format you choose, when the recipient opens the envelope and reads of your success, the pride in your accomplishment will be obvious.

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