Graduation Rings

Graduation Rings

Graduation Rings – Back to the Future

Graduation can be one of those moments in life when you feel both happy and sad.

It is a special event that represents the good qualities in life.

Rings are not just symbols of that event. They are remembrances of years of effort and camaraderie.

Class rings symbolize a bond between your past and future possibilities.

Rings Represent Past Success

A ring has always been a symbol of an unbroken promise. Its circular design is representational of a commitment that never ends.

High school or college rings are signs of a commitment to the quality effort expended to complete your school program.

For those reasons your school ring is so much more than just a piece of jewelry. Grad rings recognize qualities of success and friendship.

  • Belonging
  • Pride
  • Accomplishment
  • Entrance into adulthood
  • Reminder of Memories
  • Bonds all students through the years

The ancient Egyptians believed that their signets promised eternal life. The rings, evolving from this ancient belief, still represent eternal memories.

Even the history of the ring bonds the past, the present and the future.

Rings Rely on the Past to Seal the Future

Unlike the rings of ancient peoples, grad rings today are precision pieces of jewelry. The anatomy of a ring would read like this:

  • Side panels – usually one side panel has the high school or college traditional symbols that apply to all students; the other side panel has symbols and Greek letters uniquely applicable to the ring wearer
  • Top – contains a center stone surrounded by the name of the school
  • Materials – range from gold to celestrium to more inexpensive compound metals
  • Stone – can be anything from a precious gem to a diamond

Every school has a different ring design. There are even schools that change their ring design every year in order to further personalize the choices.

Rings represent a rite of passage into the adult world, and their design is important.

Taking the Giant Leap With Rings

Grad rings are such important symbols, and taken so seriously, that usually only certain people are allowed to purchase them.

Most schools require that you be a senior or have completed a designated minimum of credit hours.

When it is time to pick a ring, there is professional assistance available. Most schools have a ring with the basic design and you add your unique symbols. That is how individuality is added to the graduation rings.

To choose among the options, there are two routes. You can go to the school catalogue or bookstore and pick your ring.

Normally, if you want a chance to meet with the ring supplier, times are preset at the school. But on the internet, graduation rings can now be ordered online.

The ring programs take you through the ordering process step-by-step. All price ranges are available and design options are limited only by school requirements.

For those who really don’t like their school ring design, you can even order a non-school approved version through a ring supplier. Most students want the official rings though.

Purchasing graduation rings sounds like such a simple act. But the act speaks volumes with its symbolism. And perhaps it’s best to get started before the high school graduation theme celebrations get going.

As students take that giant leap into the future, the graduation rings on their fingers are constant reminders that success is always within their reach.

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