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School-Spirit – don’t be a spectator

School spirit is contagious.

It’s an idea that has evolved over time. Once, only cheerleaders used it… attempting to rouse the fans.

Today, pride in every school has turned into an entire student body affair.

Spirit isn’t just about cheering for your favorite team anymore.

It’s an inspiration fuse… igniting learning opportunities and improving school morale.

To Quash the Stereotypes

It should be welcome news that school-spirit is not all pompoms and back flips. There are many way’s we’ve learned to boost school-spirit academically too, through subject and classroom competitions.

School Spirit Classroom

Showing spirit and pride in your school can be as simple as attending events and participating in school programs.
However, for teachers that want to encourage more spirit, they can look for ways to motivate students to do something more than just classroom work.
Perhaps the view on school-spirit can be taken out of the ‘rah rah’ mode and focus more on encouraging all bystanders, at your school to become active participants.

What School-Spirit Can Do
School-Spirit is a community event… and aside from getting more people to show up at school events, managed spirit programs can produce tangible results.

Motivated students are more likely to join clubs and participate in school activities. Studies have also shown that students who remain active in their school will get better grades and have improved focus or concentration skills.
The encouragement of school-spirit also helps boost camaraderie among your students and faculty.
This promotes more open communication and a healthy respect for authority.
Students that have spirit are also more likely to attend sporting events and school dances. Full participation in school activities can often result in increased revenue that might be generated from your school spirit store.
Fundraisers usually include school activities that are attended by many family and community members.

It’s a Total School Spirit Experience!
Helping to boost school-spirit is everyone’s business. Custodians, teachers, bus drivers, caefeteria workers, nurses, administrators, etc… Promoting excitement, motivating students, encouraging school cheers and improved learning are gratfying results.

School Spirit

Teachers often focus on creating events that will help the school progress in some special fashion, or gain local media attention.
Teachers at schools such as Greenhurst Elementary do a great job of supporting school spirit events.
Perhaps it’s a charity event that promotes healthy competition among different grade levels. Or an annual athletic event against your chief rival and you’ve planned a special pre game pep rally.
At selected times, in accordance with school policy, students can wear school related clothing and display school spirit items on book covers, bicycles, cars, cups or other school store items to showcase their pride.
While cheerleaders certainly still have their place, school- spirit is something that no one has to try out for. It’s a total community event and those students who display school-spirit should be encouraged through special incentives and school rewards.

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