Your School Spirit Store Inventory

Your School Spirit Store…

full of school spirit and pride too !

Your School Spirit Store: It’s all on the shelf.

When you walk into your spirit store, you should notice a few things.

One… there should be plenty of your school pride on display.

Two… its the themed merchandise that makes that famous sound –

Your spirit store helps you sell items representing your favorite home team… and spread cheer, pride and spirit at the same time.

How Far Can Pride Go?

If you’re in a school spirit store, chances are good that you root for the team being promoted.

With hats and sweatshirts, t-shirts and pants, you can dress yourself up in the appropriate colors, grab a banner to wave and maybe a horn to toot. This is your teacher store too so grab a noise maker.

Not all pride has to be worn on your sleeve. You can look for things like magnets and bumper stickers for your car. Or key chains and license plate frames as well.

There are folders, notebooks, banners, emblems, noise makers and the list goes on. Cheerleading fundraisers are on a roll.

Something for Every Occasion

Your school store let’s you discover that team spirit is the gift that can keep giving.

Do you know someone who has a birthday coming up ? Or someone celebrating their first child ?

Great Service, Selection, and Value! That’s What SmileMakers is All About! SmileMakers was started with one simple idea – to be the absolute best supplier of stickers, toys, novelties, pencils and practice promotion items. Quality products bring smiles to both children and adults.

School spirit merchandise is always the right fit. Try a small school themed onesie for a baby shower, for example.

Look around and you’ll find that memorable gift that will be remembered.

If your special student is still in school, these school spirit themed items are a great way to send a little package from home that they can use everyday.

They may even help to make a newly accepted student feel like a part of their school’s family – even before they get on campus.

Where to Find the Spirit Store

You can find a school spirit store either on campus or via most school’s websites.

Since schools want to promote themselves…

This merchandising is a great way for them to earn some extra income …

As well as recruit new students to look into their programs.

Online stores are a great way to make shopping easy, and are often well-stocked in terms of sizes and styles.

Especially since the store is always open !

With a school spirit store, you can wear your team on your sleeve, or cap, or poster, or car…

It’s the Pride you show and the School Spirit you feel that counts… so let it shine.

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