Kindergarten themes… Creating An Exciting Introduction To Learning

Kindergarten Themes…

The excitement and joy of kindergarten themes…

See the children sitting in a circle listening to their teacher announce with excitement and pride…

“you’ve all worked very hard… I’m so happy to say everyone is going to the first grade.”

Then the presentation of kindergarten diplomas… Joy, delight, smiles, excitement… giggles and laughter… all inadequate descriptions of their reactions.

Sounds like a fairy tale ending perhaps but that’s kids in their early years !

When kindergarten begins we often have no readers… or perhaps one or two at the most. A generous helping of kindergarten themes focused on the basic building blocks of reading can help.

And as we approach the last day of school the majority of kindergartners can read at various levels and all know their sounds and letters well enough to learn to read in the first grade.

That’s a lot to smile about !

Reading is a critical skill.

Some kindergarten children grasp the letter – sound concept fairly quickly. And those students will be able to do more advanced activities in the 1st grade sooner because of their early reading and learning abilities.

We know children arrive at school with different skill levels… everyone has a different starting point. And we must try to manage their social, behavioral and academic progress from each individual’s starting point.

Again, we promote the use of kindergarten themes designed to focus on the areas you need the most help with.

Kindergarten Theme Ideas

  • It’s a New World
  • One Step At A Time
  • First Things First
  • A To Z
  • All About Us
  • Smiles For Miles
  • Finding Friends
  • New Places
  • Day By Day
  • Leaving Footprints

Each class will be different… different students… different skill levels… different social and cultural backgrounds, therefore different, but purposeful kindergarten themes that can be helpful in building great kindergarten graduation ideas.

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Whether it be Rodeo, USA, Shoes, Stars, Champions or any of our other acronym titled kindergarten themes, we’ve purposely left plenty of room for your creative additions.

We know your school is unique… and so is each classroom.

Kindergarten themes are “ideas in motion”… so have some fun.

And be sure to encourage the ideas and creativity your theme team will offer.

* Remember your Kindergartners have many different starting points.

* Not all students are able to attend preschool.

* Not all schools offer full-day kindergarten classes (Nationally approximately 65 percent of school districts have full-day kindergarten).

* Some students are in environments where english is not their primary language.

* And in some cases the home environment just puts the child at a disadvantage before school even starts.

* Inadequate parent involvement (a critical success factor).

Kids have so much to get used to walking into kindergarten. A little dose of fun… or how about a big dose fun ? This is a transition time for them and they all handle it differently.

Are your classrooms ready ?

You’ll need to keep your kindergartners engaged. Are your rooms welcoming, friendly and accessible ?

How about all your materials ? Kindergartners need to “express” their experiences about everything they learn.

Stocked up on paper, pencils, crayons, and stuffed animals too ?

How about your baskets, bean bags, and carpets ? Everything feel comfortable ?

Classroom atmosphere is an indicator of how your students will learn and how the teacher might teach. How is your school spirit ?

Student achievement can be influenced by how classrooms are prepared.

Can teachers move seamlessly from one activity to another while keeping students engaged ? You’ll want to make sure they’re not expected to face one direction very long – maybe 20 minutes maximum.

Have you provided an atmosphere for kindergarten activities that includes fun – learning?

Make yours a carefully thought-out, kid-friendly classroom.

Does your decor include bright colors and good lighting ? Is student work displayed so they feel a sense of ownership ? Seating arrangement all figured out.. reading corners ready ?

You want a warm and welcoming classroom. A place where kids feel a sense of community and the encouragement to explore ideas together.

Make materials easily accessible to students — help them gain a feeling of responsibility for what they need to take care of and where things belong.

Here’s a great idea to help them gain a sense of belonging.

Ask your students to draw a self-portrait on the first day of school and then attach their real photograph to it.

This helps to show who the kids really are… and it sure beats the commom practice of putting graded papers on the wall.

This personalizes their classroom participation and helps them learn about pride. Another great kindergarten theme opportunity.

A happy classroom rewards children who want to learn. You are creating futures for your children and there are expectations !

Our goal is to share strategies for serving students… and we have prepared some kindergarten theme ideas to help you invest in their future.

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