Learning Challenges For Teachers

What’s the first rule ?

Teachers and parents wrestle with this all the time and there are many different learning styles.On a practical level, what information we gather is a matter of choice.Teachers want students to gain knowledge but the student doesn’t always want to.The first rule is… not always obvious but students L-E-A-R-N what students want to.

So how do teachers make students want to?
Especially when there so many different ways to learn.Good question ! Glad you asked.Some
great thinkers
share their teaching thoughts about knowledge.

Although we could reference the latest studies in Problem Based and even Blended Technologies, it really comes down to the basics.Whether we’re talking about classroom learners or online learners…Discovery is a process whereby students enhance their capacity to create (learn) what it is they really want to learn or (create).So, yes we’re back to the same question.How do we get them to want to enhance their l-e-a-r-n-i-n-g capacities ?That depends…And speaking of inspired learning – Discover the key math education skills your child should master in each grade, by visiting Sensible Math Education. You’ll find free tips and expert guidance, written by a 15-year math educator, to help your child achieve math education success.For our purposes, helping the teacher create a common vision or common goal has shown tremendous success.

And here’s another great
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to assist teachers.By the way… staff members and students all respond to an enthusiastic – School Theme presentation as part of the self discovery process.Themes can be designed to support knowledge, L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G, self discovery, study habits, reading, character development and many other student and educator objectives.And presentation is the key… we want school spirit to be high… we want your school theme to be relevant… and we want everyone to be involved (common vision)…Student discovery takes place at many locations and levels –

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Boarding SchoolsAND the results are…Students want to be part of this. They like good, fun, creative and results oriented endeavors that support their school, their classmates and their community.And OH By the Way…”There’s something about…
school themes and school spirit…”Without the commitment of the entire staff, themes supporting school spirit are just wishes in the wind…So what drives school spirit…?Total staff support !There’s no question about it. Staff support is the key ingredient that motivates and inspires students.Yes, effective school themes inspire, motivate, and excite staff and students (and this includes kindergarten themes too.)Excitement is what you want…And WOW what a powerful way to manage school spirit…!!What’s really required is staff focus. Students respond in a cheerful way when a chosen school theme is the focal point and wholly supported by all their teachers and the entire school staff.And let’s remember…At many schools the winning school theme reigns for an entire year. So it’s important to realize… it’s the winners that you really want.So let’s help students L-E-A-R-N…(and there are many ways) to discover their interests, abilities, limitations and inspirations.Teachers have different strategies and each student may gain knowledge in a different way… their ultimate success however, is a common goal.So let’s light the School Spirit fuse and let L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G commence.Right click for your FREE Boost School Spirit Guide.School SpiritLearn How You Can Really
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