Warp Speed

Young children in preschools are like mini-computers, able to process information at warp speed.

Keeping up with a child’s developmental needs can be difficult.

At one time it was believed infants could not learn much beyond the basic skills.

Developmental experts have proven this wrong.

Even newborn infants can learn new information. Colored blocks are not enough anymore. Preschool learning has become very important.

Lightning Strikes

Like little bolts of lightning young children can leave a strong impact on lives around them. Pre-schools accept children from 6 weeks old through approximately age 6 or kindergarten age.

They often run after school programs also for older children of working parents. There are many reasons for deciding to place children in pre-schools. Pre elementary education has become something planned for at birth. In fact many parents find that reservations have become necessary.

  • Quality care by experienced and educated professionals
  • Early learning programs
  • Positive self-image promotion – early
  • Develop social interaction skills
  • Develop language skills

It is not always easy to leave a child at school – but many household budgets require that both mother and father work.

Unlike the days when pre-school was primarily a babysitting service, it is now a valuable educational facility serving parent’s needs and focusing on your child’s abilities.

Charged Atmospheres

When you walk in, chances are there will be a charged atmosphere full of excitement and joy. Learning can be fun!

Young children have extremely active minds and need continual stimulation.

They are little sponges, soaking up information and skills as fast as they can be taught. Pre-school offers various programs that address the different motor and learning skills.

  • Infants – individual care with attentive play time in a stimulating environment
  • Toddlers – developing language and social skills using activities that educate while entertaining
  • Preschool Age – focusing on pre-school learning in reading, math and writing with introduction to the arts

For after school programs, they concentrate on homework time, accessing educational software and social interaction. Yes, the concept has drastically changed over the years.

The charged atmosphere results from more than just the excitement of children learning. It is made up of qualities that blend together to form a caring environment. Look for certified facilities that:

  • Nurture
  • Provide more than adequate attention to each child
  • Have experienced teachers and care givers
  • Offer developmentally appropriate programs
  • Do not present dangers to child safety
  • Are clean and healthy


Sometimes parents feel as if they are abandoning their children when they leave them. Images of screaming children crying for “mommy” create horror pictures. But today’s pre-schools are so educationally stimulating that children will be asking to go to school.

Your children may even make friends that last a lifetime. Parents should do their homework before choosing a school to be confident that what is seen on the surface is what lies beneath.

Some parents now insist on facilities with cameras so they can watch their children throughout the day.

  • Plan ahead because first choice schools will be in high demand
  • Visit the ones on your initial list
  • See which ones your child seems most comfortable visiting
  • Verify certifications of teachers and the facility
  • Review program guidelines, check the quality of educational tools

If parents do their homework, choosing the right location will be like passing an important exam! You can find preschools in your area by searching online.

Give your child a head start and start looking for your areas best preschools!

Let the learning begin today.

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