Boarding Schools for girls, for boys, military schools and even troubled teens.

Boarding Schools

Home Away From Home

The best boarding schools are never a substitute for home but today’s schools are nothing like the stereotyped movie industry images we’ve seen.

In the movies there are strict headmasters, lots of student pranks and serious, no nonsense teachers.

Well, as they say, children will be children and there will be pranks.

But boarding-schools can offer a comprehensive structured learning environment with many social amenities.

And as for the teachers… there are no knuckles being rapped with a ruler in today’s schools!

Instead there are energetic classroom curriculums and student activities. Like at home, discipline is fair and serves to change behavior through reasoning. These types of schools are not for everyone, but they serve a specific purpose.

Fill In The Gaps

There are various boarding-school directory services offering lists of schools by state, by grade level and by type.

Why would anyone want to send their children to a boarding school? Actually, there are several valid reasons.

  • School staff are qualified in their fields
  • Classroom student-to-teacher ratio is lower
  • Support facilities are up-to-date
  • Academics challenge students’ abilities
  • Supportive environment that encourages participation
  • Accommodation for special learning needs

Some public schools are often overcrowded and struggling constantly with budget shortages. Classroom sizes are large and it is difficult for students to get sufficient personalized attention.

So, for many students, the alternatives such as private schools, prep boarding schools, even military academy schools, the choices are real and parents continue to evaluate their options.

Student age and cost are always considerations. Although one might conclude there are affordable boarding schools, all that really means is – affordable to whom?

Student placement can start at a relatively young age – boarding middle schools – and go up from there.

There are children who need what some local schools cannot provide – attention, customized academics and a regular support group.

Boarding-schools can fill in the gaps.

Boarding Schools Decisions, Decisions

There are two major categories.

  • College preparatory
  • Therapeutic

Obviously the college preparatory schools offer an academic program that provides students a foundation for college success.

In some cases a degree from these schools can also give an extra edge for admission to the college of your choice.

Therapeutic schools offer specially designed academic programs for special needs students. Students with learning and attention disorders do not always get the assistance from public schools they need to succeed.

Therapeutic boarding-schools have qualified teachers trained in special needs education. Children are placed in motivating and encouraging learning environments and there are also special therapeutic schools for children with behavior or drug problems.

Sometimes a disruptive child needs additional one-on-one attention and to be with teachers who can commit to full time steady oversight.

Getting Assistance

Deciding to send a child away to school is not always an easy decision for parents. The child will be away for months but sometimes the immediate sacrifices help to assure later success.

Quality education and maturation are key objectives !

The good news is that with internet access and cell phones, we can often expect to maintain daily contact unless school policies mandate otherwise.

There are educational consultants who can assist parents with deciding if these types of schools are the right choice for their child.

Consultants are familiar with the various schools and can discuss what each has to offer.

  • Assesses child for a best fit with a particular school
  • Can help choose best academic program based on long term goals
  • Familiar with social environments and can match school to child’s needs
  • Offers placement services
  • Assists with admissions and financial aid applications

There are several different types of boarding-schools to review. Those that offer pre-professional training in the arts, as well as single-gender, military and religious boarding schools are common.

The bottom line is that boarding schools offer modern, high quality educational and social environments and there is a wide selection to choose from.

Let the learning begin today.

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