Theme Team (Your Theme Team)

“Why A Theme Team”?

OK, you’re thinking about a school theme…
Is your theme team ready ? What is this team and why do you need one ?

You can download your school theme at nearly the speed of light.

Seconds after you hit the button, it’s in your inbox… and ready to be distributed.

Your theme team represents that group of people who will set the stage… those who have the energy and show love of their school.

They realize the benefits school themes can provide… And they can’t wait to see your school spirit soaring.

Many principals or administrators focus on relationships between themselves and other teachers when looking for their team leader. Actually it might be the links among teammates (teachers) that matter most.

Find your undisclosed leaders. Bolster their teaming bonds. Sometimes the best leaders are not the best teachers so try to find leaders who have the respect of the team.

It’s a chemistry of victory that will help you build school spirit.

And… you’ll want to recognize, protect and encourage this chemistry !

It’s likely you’ll discover the team will be the same folks who inspire graduating students to plan ahead
More > >…

We say everywhere that… “school themes are ideas in motion”

Your team agrees… and looks for creative ways to add those ideas that are unique about your school.

We all know your school is a little different… you have special school colors… you have special logos… and nicknames or motto’s.

You have a special recognized culture that sets you apart from other schools.

Help the team use your school’s unique qualities. Add the team’s creative juices to a few school theme exercises and WOW, stand back and watch what happens to your school spirit.

All the special features about your school should be combined with our creative school themes process.

It is of course, these special features about your school, that will attract the staff and students. And it’s that sense of community, of belonging that helps drive school spirit.

Have you selected your theme team leader ?
The School theme is now yours… what do you do with it ?
Is your theme team ready?
One thing is for sure… you don’t want the theme to set on the shelf like so many courses, books, games, business ideas… etc, that have been ordered but never seem to make it past the first glance. Your school themes start whistle is about to blow.

Not everyone is so inspired but… someone must take the “bull by the horns”… and lead your staff.

It’s no surprise that total staff support contributes to a student’s learning experience in many ways and you’ll likely need a team leader for your theme.

And let’s remember your staff composition and potential theme team members include… teachers, administrators, bus drivers, nurses, cooks, janitors, librarians… everyone who interacts with the staff, students and community on a regular basis.

All of these folks make significant contributions to student successes and
I share their testimonials
as proof of their continuing interest in the education community.

Staff members and your entire team can apply a little creativity to school theme material… add a twist here and there to suit unique local desires… and the excitement fuse is ignited.

It really is all about “effective presentation” by your theme team.

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