Theme School

Theme School

Theme School – High Expectations

Best described as an alternative school that offers highly structured interdisciplinary programs.

It establishes high expectations for its students.

The purpose of the Theme-School is to accelerate student learning, increase parent involvement and create a challenging learning environment.

Students come from all surrounding area schools, both public and private.

The school can be either elementary or high school level and is a challenging program requiring active student participation.

The Theme-School precept nurtures the belief that parents should be active in their son or daughter’s educational program and requires their involvement.

Theme School – Special Features

The Theme-school is practical application of the notion that children will learn faster when allowed to pursue their full potential. The curriculum tends to require research-based assignments.

Projects are hands-on and develop important intellectual thinking skills. It is concentrated instruction that is cross-curricular and expectations are high.

Students are expected to excel at a faster than normal pace.

Normally there is a much lower student to teacher ratio than found in many public schools and that is one of its main attractions.

The Theme-School is modeled on several concepts.

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  • Learning should not be limited by arbitrary instruction
  • A challenging academic curriculum will result in more effective learning
  • Students will learn at a faster pace when challenged to their intellectual limits
  • Each student has unique needs
  • Children learn faster in a structured and disciplined environment
  • The learning experience is more effective with parental involvement
  • The educational experience should occur in a nurturing environment
  • Emphasis on core subjects generates greater academic achievement
  • Discipline is required in an education facility

A Theme-School can be either public or private. But no matter the source of funds, the concepts are basically the same.

A theme-school has special features that set them apart from traditional school.

They set high academic standards and do not lower expectations based on individual student performance. The “group mentality” found in typical schools does not apply.

There is a strict conduct code and disruptive student behavior is not tolerated. There is almost always a dress code that may require uniforms.

A Theme-School is a state-of-the-art facility that offers the most advanced teaching techniques. Critical thinking skills are developed and homework reinforces those skills.

Accelerated reading programs, tutorial programs and counseling area also offered.

The schools typically require projects that apply to what has been learned in the classroom. Being selected to attend a Theme- School is an opportunity for a student to achieve their greatest potential.

Theme School – Only the Best

A Theme-School is an additional educational choice for students interested in pursuing their highest academic goals. Acceptance into the school is not limited by prior academic performance for a good reason.

Many students currently do not receive a good education due to overcrowding and other related issues.

There is really no easy way to assess whether they have reached their full potential or achieved their greatest academic acclaim.

Therefore, the Theme School assumes all entrants will succeed in the structured program.

The concentrated instruction is particularly beneficial to college bound students. Specially designed mentoring programs motivate students to pursue academic goals.

As a parent, if you are unhappy with your child’s school performance, consider this option. A Theme School offers only the best in education.

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