The Magic School Bus Theme

The Magic School Bus Theme

The Magic School Bus Theme – Beep! Beep!

Get out of the way, because here comes the Magic School Bus…

Theme use has become a very popular method of instruction because it works!

Everyone likes the thought of going on an adventure. It is the basis for many of the modern day cartoon heroes that travel the world looking for wrongs that need to be righted.

The School Bus theme uses a bright yellow bus to take Ms. Frizzle and her class on an adventure.

Where they go on that adventure and what they learn is the magic of the story. The primary educational focus of the Magic School Bus Theme adventures is science:

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  • Animals
  • Ecology
  • Motion and Forces
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Space
  • Machines

And here are more songs for kids choices.
Learning science principles and facts is certainly easier when you have a friendly bus and an interesting teacher to take you on a tour.

And this Magic theme teaches science through stories, which helps improve language skills.

The Magic School Bus Theme – Instructional Magic

What a great Magic way to teach elementary school children. The bus proved to be such a success that a complete instructional program was developed as part of the theme.

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  • The Parents and Teachers section gives information on how to best reinforce the material taught
  • Theme index makes finding topical information easy
  • Book series improves reading skills
  • DVD programs offer additional instruction
  • Online guided tours through science topics

Each guided tour takes your students on a fantastic scientific journey. They can travel through the human body or zoom through space.

Complicated and complex principles are taught in a simple, understandable and humorous manner. And there really is a lot more than just science when using songs for kids.

  • Questioning skills are developed as children are expected to sort through the real and the impossible
  • Characters have different ethnic and race backgrounds
  • Some characters are physically challenged

The theme method shows there are great opportunities to teach in colorful and adaptive ways through children songs or music themes.

The Magic School Bus Theme – Hop Aboard!

The magic lies more in the fascinating ability of the program to attract and maintain the attention of young children.

Science can sometimes be considered a dry subject unless you find a way to bring it to life. That is the special function of the magical bus – it takes kids to places that are imaginative and exploratory while teaching facts.

This method addresses multiple learning skills and intelligence levels. As an instructional tool the school bus song is simply amazing.

You can find the Magic Bus theme online just waiting for you to hitch a ride. If you are a teacher, look for Ms. Frizzle who can help you guide children through the rigors of learning science.

If you are a parent, take a ride with your child and enjoy the trip also. The program is partly funded by The National Science Foundation, and it makes sure the information being taught is current. School theme songs are a convenient way to introduce students to many interesting topics.

That’s no small feat in itself when you consider how fast research updates the knowledge base. Hop aboard! The Magic School Bus theme is the perfect ride to the land of science.

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