Importance of School Spirit becomes increasingly important

Understanding The Importance of School Spirit

First of all What is School Spirit?

Before we can understand the importance of school spirit, we must first try to define school spirit.

(Keep in mind that “try” is the operative word)

School spirit is not something you can easily define. That’s because school spirit consists of a vast number of things.

School spirit is the feeling you get as you step into the stadium for your school’s homecoming football game.

School spirit is, [you] proudly wearing the personalized shirt you received
during your high school spirit week.

School spirit is volunteering for the yearbook committee, and the student Council.

School spirit is actually looking forward to school halfway through your summer holidays

(well, maybe that’s a little extreme… but you get the point?)

School spirit involves a strong emotional connection with school, whether it’s high school or elementary schools, it impacts children of all ages.

Understanding The Importance of School Spirit

School spirit can improve a student’s commitment to education. This commitment can in turn act as a deterrent to negative behavior, such as dropping out of school.

School spirit creates a positive learning environment for both students and teachers.

And having a positive learning environment is one of the many things that make going to school so exciting.

School spirit helps to develop and foster relationships among people.

Can you remember what your school years were like? For me, (during the early
years) school was all about reading time, coloring sheets, and recess.

It was also about tests, report cards, and PTA meetings.

As I got older school still involved tests, and report cards but it also involved school spirit skits and relationships.

And in the end, that was what made going to school so exciting. It was friendships, and the bond that developed over the years. It was having teachers that poured their
hearts out into students, day after day.

It was graduating, into the “real” world knowing that I would cherish my school
years for the rest of my life.

So, are you starting to see the importance of school spirit?

School themes can also help you understand how important school spirit activity is, especially when applied to your high school graduation theme.

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