Homecoming Themes Ideas

Homecoming Themes

Homecoming Themes – Conquering Heroes

A marathon race evolved from an ancient event. A soldier ran 26 miles to report a Greek victory.

Homecoming celebrates the return of the football team from an ‘away’ game. But it means so much more in terms of developing school spirit.

Homecoming marks the occasion when faculty, students and alumni participate in a great school celebration.

Though intended primarily for students, it is embraced by everyone who has ties to your school.

Choosing among the homecoming themes can be a difficult task. The field is wide open. The theme honors the conquering heroes returning home, and gives participants in the homecoming events focus for planning.

Homecoming Themes Celebrate Youth

Homecoming is such a great time. There are marching bands, dances, competitions, floats, football, corsages, singing, contests and even homecoming decorations.

If a central theme is not chosen, the events tend to have a mishmash of ideas. Here are some titles that might help you think of something unique for your school.

Theme Title Ideas

  • Mascot Marvel
  • Blue and Gold (school colors) Celebration
  • It’s A New Ball Game
  • First Class Finish
  • Pride Promises
  • Time-Out
  • Believe and Achieve
  • First Things First
  • The Real Deal
  • Character Triumphs

Building school spirit means having a theme your students can embrace as their own.

With special themes, planning is made easier.

You might even be planning a homecoming parade or a homecoming party and will need theme supplies.

Entertainment choices are simplified.

Songs can be picked that enhance a theme.

Decorations spread the school message of unity.

Event Themes

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Some schools allow complete creativity. The different kinds of themes include funny and serious ideas.

Each graduation class has its own character and choices will vary from year to year.

  • Themes by year such as ‘the 80’s’
  • Formal themes such as ballroom grandeur
  • School spirit themes like reaching for the stars
  • Themes based on the arts such as music or dance
  • Creating a new acronym that represents a slogan

Themes unite everyone around a single cause – building school spirit.

It is a celebration of youth and its energies. Homecoming fosters cooperation and teaches important lessons about coming together to achieve a goal.

The theme creates a sense of purpose and creates a feeling of common purpose.

Homecoming Themes Excite

Choosing the right home coming themes is a big decision every year. A poorly chosen theme will fail to create the kind of excitement that homecoming should offer. The right theme can result in financial benefits to the school also.

If students and faculty and families like a theme, they will be more likely to purchase clothing and cups and banners that carry the theme.

This not only ties the buyer closer to the school, it advertises the school throughout your community. The theme can help fundraising campaigns also.

Homecoming theme varities can be found online. There are many themes that have been used in so many effective ways so don’t hesitate to think outside the box.

Doing some research can reveal new ideas that you would never have thought of on your own. A good idea is adaptable to all your school’s events.

Home coming themes create memories that are fondly recalled as the years go by. The best themes will create indelible images that are never erased.

There is no reason to be short on ideas. So get out the pom-poms, prepare the banners, buy the decorations and get ready to celebrate your high school homecoming theme ideas.

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