High School Homecoming Theme | Homecoming Themes Ideas For High School Students

A Memorable High School Homecoming Theme

Hopefully you have selected your high school homecoming theme by now.It’s the first week in October, and your high school is buzzing with excitement.You’ve probably already decided about advanced education and realize that a student loan may be required. But, this is high school spirit week and time to create lots of lasting memories.What makes it even more exciting is the fact that everything is built around your homecoming theme

This promises to be a jammed packed week of school spirit activity for students, staff, and alumni.Thanks to a first class highschool homecoming theme your school spirit week celebration will definitely be one to remember.

Now Hear This… your school spirit may be showing and it’s worth a FREE theme. (As a matter of fact, they’ll still be talking about it in June!)But what is it that makes your homecoming theme so important?It’s important because, all your activities during this week will be related in some way to your highschool homecoming theme and other school spirit items you must plan for.
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As an example lets use “T.W.I.S.T.” as our high school homecoming theme.What does the acronym “T.W.I.S.T.” stand for? (I’m glad that you asked)The acronym “T.W.I.S.T.” stands for (Teamwork Will Inspire Students and Teachers)

The theme TWIST promotes teamwork. It supports a fun atmosphere for learning by bringing back some of the things worn in the 50’s as well as the tunes that were popular then.

Here are some of the benefits to this particular theme

  • Provides teamwork for staff members and students
  • Encourages school spirit
  • Keep staff and students motivated throughout the year
  • Develops winning attitudes
  • Creates a positive learning environment

And most of all it’s just plain fun!

“T.W.I.S.T” is just one example of a high school homecoming theme, that’s exciting and provides benefits that extend throughout the school year.For a greater long-term effect you should always choose a theme that provides some, if not all the benefits listed above.Here’s a great resource for additional party and high school homecoming theme ideas.

Announcing Your High School Homecoming Theme

So now that you’ve got your homecoming theme figured out, it’s time to go public with it.And what better place to announce it than the Homecoming Assembly.This is where you would address the benefits of your homecoming theme, along with the various activities you have planned for your high school spirit week such as …

  • Contests ~ Hot dog eating, trivia, etc…between seniors & freshmen, staff & students.
  • Sporting Events ~ Soccer, Basketball, in house or between schools. And who can forget the homecoming football game.

Students should also be able to vote for their Homecoming King and Queen.You can top off your school spirit week celebrations with a lively Homecoming Dance.As for your highschool homecoming theme…Jot down your observations.What did you like or dislike about this years theme?What things would you change?What are people saying about, this year’s high school homecoming theme?Take all of these points into consideration, as you begin to make plans for next years celebration.

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