School Spirit Items help promote student and staff unity.

School Spirit Items

Why You Should Be Using Them

School Spirit Items Make School Exciting…

“And school spirit is like a million dollars… You either have it or you don’t.” –LP

As an educator, you will probably agree with me when I say that there’s no better feeling than having an entire school showing spirit.

So whether it’s pom poms, megaphones, bumper stickers or
school spirit clothing
… One thing’s for certain… your school’s spirit will always be noticed.

But what is it that makes this spirit so exciting?

Well, it may be that school spirit connects with us on a physical and emotional level. It may also be that these items come in all different shapes and sizes, and most of all… school-spirit is just
plain fun.

Supplies & Awards for Teachers

Decorations, classroom themes, ribbons, stickers, banners, fundraising, incentives & awards, school supplies, mascots, pencils, temporary tattoos and more. Yes, it’s all here for teachers, principle’s, PTA’s, PTO’s and parents.

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It’s like the guy standing in the bleachers during the homecoming football game. He’s wearing a florescent wig, shouting at the top of his lungs, and he’s waving a giant foam hand.

You see, a school spirit item doesn’t always have to make sense.

They do however, have to
show school spirit,
in some way or another.

As for our friend in the bleachers, he’s so pumped up that he’s even starting to smell like school spirit!

School-Spirit Items Are Unique

Spirit items are unique and can usually be branded with school logos, personalized designs or other cheerleader spirit ideas.

As for the people who enjoy these things… Let’s just say that, there’s something for everybody.

From key chains,
, hats, and athletic wear, to window decals and bumper stickers.

School Spirit Items Boost School Spirit

Whether its high school spirit week or the last game of the season, spirit items are guaranteed to boost your school’s spirit.

So bring out the pom poms, the
school spirit skits
and quotes too, the megaphone, and the noise makers because it’s always good to see a school showing spirit.

School spirit activity can go hand in hand with school themes.

And here are some of the best School Spirit Themes you will want to consider.

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