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School spirit activity is one of the best ways to bring students and teachers together in a positive learning environment.

But, bringing people together, is easier said than done.

Number one priority… your school spirit must be an attention getter.

Whether it’s the homecoming football game, or a basketball game between seniors and freshmen your spirit activity must be able to draw and hold interest.

Why is a school spirit activity so important?

School spirit activity is
so important
because it involves both students and teachers. By promoting various forms of spirit activity throughout the year, you are helping to create a positive learning environment that is both exciting and memorable.

Plus, whenever you have an abundance of spirit activity…you will always find your school showing spirit.

Benefits of school spirit activities

School spirit helps to create a positive (and fun) learning environment.

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School spirit activities help to develop and foster relationships among people.

Spirit activities create a sense of togetherness (education family).

School Spirit Activity Ideas

It’s always good to incorporate various themes into your activities. Be creative, gather ideas from both students and staff and you’re bound to come up with school spirit ideas and activities that everyone can enjoy.

Here are some popular spirit activity themes you will want to consider. And… students can have a lot of fun showing their
school spirit clothing

  • Hawaiian Day – Flowered shirts, skirts and shorts, hula hoops, leis, limbo competitions, and some Hawaiian music and… ALOHA !
  • Pajama Day – This continues to be a school favorite year after year. Why? Because nothing says comfort better than your favorite PJ’s, and a warm blanket.
  • Throw in some pillows, some stuffed animals, other school spirit items
    and let the fun begin.
  • Other school spirit ideas include ~ karoake, teacher dunk tanks, pie-eating contests, and sporting competitions.
  • Another idea for school spirit week and related activities is to support a ceremony using your school mascot to rally your troops throughout the week.

Things to Consider When Planning School Spirit Activities

  1. Choose a spirit activity that is age appropriate. Spirit activities for kids in elementary school, differ from activities in high school or college. And consider options to provide student
  2. Get feedback from students and staff, in order to create activities that everyone can enjoy.
  3. Choose the timing of your spirit activity. Activities done during school hours (lunch-time) tend to get a better response, than those outside of regular school hours.

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