School Spirit Day

School Spirit Day

School Spirit Day – Is Spirit Necessary?

Whether it’s inspiration, enthusiasm or just joyfull play, school spirit day is a chance for all students to show their character.

On this special day students and staff will be wearing their best… and doing their best to promote school spirit.

There will likely be banners, pom poms and signs with your school colors brightly displayed throughout the school. Logos, cheers and school jackets will be treasured.

School spirit is contagious !

Not surprisingly, building spirit within the school spreads to your community and others enjoy showing their support.

Spirit adds an important ingredient to the mix – a sense that what your school does positively impacts students lives. This caring attitude draws the attention and support of families and neighborhoods.

School Spirit Day – Building Community

It can’t be a surprise that the building blocks of school spirit originate from many community sources. After all, former students probably still reside in the community and they haven’t forgotten the good times.

School spirit also represents the collective efforts of your school administration, faculty and students… and let’s not forget the families.

Families are your community at large. This spirit day draws many groups together in support of the student successes they envision. You may even have local media provide radio announcements and newspaper ads.

School spirit is all about tradition and the “electricity” felt when everyone is wearing or using school themed items.

  • Pom-Poms
  • School rings and necklaces
  • Clothing
  • Decals
  • Notebooks with logos
  • Theme songs

This day is actually often just one spirit event among many held throughout the school year. And this celebration often extended to include a spirit week, can be held on a separate day or in conjunction with another event such as a football game.

On spirit day, everyone connected with your school should be invited… so they can see for themselves the spirit level.

Spirit Day – Some Things Never Change

Students may be worldlier and wiser today, but that has not changed their enthusiasm for school spirit. Everyone, including students, want to feel welcome and know that they belong to something worthwhile.

School spirit days are important in that they encourages just those kinds of feelings.

Your school is a mini-community. Every week students spend a significant amount of their lives in school or at school activities.

It is crucial that each student feel as if the community welcomes them with open arms. School spirit assists in that community awareness and self-esteem building process.

School spirit promotion offers the perfect environment for each student to feel as if they have something important to contribute to their school.

A great spirit day invites reflection from the students and the spirit concepts can be utilized in a variety of ways.

Expand the activities that draw the most people and encourage spirit items that enable students to show love for their school.

See this opportunity as a day that transcends normal school routine.

Get excited about school spirit day and let the enthusiasm show through. The results will be a stronger school culture, more productive students and a supportive community.

The ones who will benefit the most are the children entrusted to our care. School spirit ideas are still relevant and always will be, because they maintain a healthy tradition in an ever-changing world.

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