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Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming Dresses – No Socks Allowed

The days of sock hops, except as maybe a retro theme, are long gone.

Homecomings are elaborate events and the parties and dances that commemorate homecoming are hoped to create special memories.

Homecoming used to be a one day event. Now it is often -homecoming week.

Capping the days of festivities and football is the homecoming dance. The homecoming dance is often as socially important as the high school prom.

In college, it may well be a formal affair held at a local hotel ballroom. The point is that nearly anything goes and a spectacular dress or gown reflects that philosophy.

Long Dresses and Short Skirts Make Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming is the return of students to a place considered home base. And, it is a triumphant return. The week often includes many events besides just a dance. There are crowning ceremonies, private parties, photography sessions and club parties.

TJFormal has an exciting collection of beautiful prom dresses, homecoming dresses and special occasion gowns. They offer floor length dresses, short dresses, high-low hemlines or angled skirts, sexy prom dresses, plus size prom dresses, ball gowns, cheap prom dresses and formal dress too.

The homecoming dance is the recognized end of these events.

There are homecoming dresses made to fit every occasion, whether it is a club honor ceremony, a sorority and fraternity party or the school sponsored homecoming dance.

There are frequently alumni homecoming dances to attend also. Picking the right grad dress to wear means fitting the dress to the occasion.

Determine if the event is casual or formal.

Consider the time of day of the event – afternoon or evening.

  • Decide if you want a custom fitted dress or will be purchasing one off the rack
  • Determine your dress budget
  • Learn how many occasions require a dress so you do not duplicate the dresses you wear

Homecoming Dresses Reveal A Glimpse of Stocking

Today, it seems as if almost anything goes. In the days of yore, just a glimpse of stocking was considered daring.

Today, a homecoming dress can range from punk to formal. You want to reflect your personal style with your choice of dress.

Let’s face it, someone who doesn’t like to dress up will not enjoy wearing a complicated evening dress.

Everyone though is interested in being different from the others at the dance or event.

Homecoming events are for the young and the young at heart alumni. When picking your dress consider the following.

Reflect your age – what you wear at seventeen can be very different from what you wear when you are twenty or fifty (if alumni)

Consider the background used for pictures

Coordinate with your date’s outfit

  • Consider the kind of jewelry you want to wear
  • Fit the style of dress to the dance or event theme
  • Consider your personal coloring and select a color that enhances attractiveness
  • Decide if you need a long or a short dress

There is every kind of dress available you could possibly want to wear. You must decide if you want sleeveless, short sleeve, V-neck, rounded neck, straight line, wide skirt, belted, elaborate or simple.

Depending on the theme or location of the dance, the dress can be elegant, traditional or sassy. There are designer dresses, but dresses purchased off the rack or online can be just as beautiful for significantly less money.

Shop for your dress online. A professional consultant will help you take your measurements in the comfort of your home. You can view dresses based on your personal coloring. You can browse hundreds of different styles without leaving your home.

Shopping online gives you access to a world of beautiful, exciting homecoming dresses.

When you show up at the dance, to support your high school homecoming theme, they will all be asking you where you got that dress!

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