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What If You Could Overcome Funding Challenges, Advance Your Career and Earn the Respect You Deserve –All at the Same Time?

Building school spirit the right way leads to better education results, more engaged students, more respect and more career options – and it can be done on any budget!

Dear Fellow Education Professional,

My name is Bob Sheldon, and I’ve been an educator for 26 years.

Like you, I’ve been through the mixed joys and frustrations of education. I’ve experienced the highs of watching students succeed, unlocking potential they never knew they had.

And I’ve seen the lows of putting in long hours for little pay and even less respect – from other teachers, parents, principals and students alike.

Bottom line: being an educator is rewarding, but it’s definitely not easy. So I’ve always been keeping my ear to the ground for ways to make our profession easier.

The Keys to an Easier Life as an Educator are Here…

Being an educator doesn’t have to be thankless.

Even if you’re frustrated by a lack of money – both in your salary and funding for your school – you can take steps today that will result in more respect and status within your school and classroom, better achievement from your students, a more peaceful classroom environment, and the lucrative educational leadership opportunities that come with demonstrating your mastery as an educator.

Does that sound interesting? I thought it might.

Now before you say, ‘Bob… if you’re about to tell me I can have all that by hosting a few school dances and fundraisers, you can forget it. That’s been tried. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.’

That’s the typical response I hear from educators who are frustrated with the time and effort they’ve put into building school spirit – with few results.

But here’s the problem….

When It Comes to School Spirit, Most Educators Try to Reinvent the Wheel

I stepped back and took a look at everything I’d been doing to develop school spirit, and all the efforts my colleagues were making.

And you know what I realized?

When it comes to school spirit building, 98% of the educators out there are approaching it from the wrong direction.

It’s simple, once you know the secret. It’s just like driving a car across the country. As long as you know where you’re going, getting there is easy. Just drive in the right direction.

But if you’re in Arizona and you start driving east, it doesn’t matter how fast you drive or how good a driver you may be – you’re not going to make it to Los Angeles – because you’d be going in the wrong direction.

Likewise, if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to building school culture, you’ll end up in the wrong place. Doing the wrong things well is the same as driving 200 miles an hour in the wrong direction.

I’m here to show you how to do the RIGHT things well.

The Missing Piece Came from a Most Unexpected Source

Well, I never would have expected it.

I was sitting at home late one night after a hard day of teaching and marking, wondering why my latest efforts to develop school spirit were failing so miserably.

In the background, the TV was playing. I was barely listening, but my ears pricked up when I heard the voice of motivational coach Tony Robbins. What he said switched a light on over my head.

Finally, I understood what the missing piece was. It had been right in front of me for all these years.

I’ll explain exactly what it was and why it’s so crucial in a moment… but first I need to explain the two crucial ingredients of a theme that produces massive results.

The Two Absolutely Essential Ingredients of a Theme that Works

The Two Absolutely Essential Ingredients of a Theme that Works

Alright, I’m about to reveal one of the key concepts I’ve discovered in 26 years of striving to understand school spirit.

These are the two ingredients a school theme MUST have to work:

1. Inspiration

2. Motivation

Before After

Kids who aren’t inspired, are bored – they don’t listen to you. Kids who aren’t motivated, are unenthusiastic – they don’t want to DO anything.

These aren’t only important for students – they’re important for you and your fellow staff members too.

These are the factors that keep you pushing ahead on the tough days. Without these two factors, a school theme will fall flat and ultimately disappoint everyone involved, wasting all your hard work.

Understanding the Psychology of Your School – The Secret Formula

Making a school theme produce results is a little like mixing up chemicals in a lab.

Put the wrong chemicals together, and you get an explosion.

But when you put all the right elements together, it’s just like a chemical reaction. The outcome is inevitable.

Nothing can go wrong.

What are the elements when it comes to school themes?

They’re the personalities of your students, teachers, and other faculty members.

Many principals or administrators focus on relationships between themselves and other teachers when looking for their team leader.

The Missing Piece

Actually it might be the links among teammates (teachers) that matter most.

Find your undisclosed leaders. Bolster their teaming bonds. Sometimes the best leaders are not the best teachers so try to find leaders who have the respect of the team.

It’s a chemistry of victory that will help you build school spirit.

And… you’ll want to recognize, protect and encourage this chemistry !

You need to understand how your students behave and why. You need to understand who the key leaders are within the school and how they interact with each other.

Most importantly, you need to understand the links between teachers and other teachers.

It’s about taking the elements unique to your school – students, staff, achievements, coat of arms, the whole thing – and combining them into a theme that will turbo-charge results in the classroom, on the sports field, and in performance tests across the board.

Giving Kids a Brighter Future

When every student at school is depressed and stressed out, learning is nearly impossible.

The kids who do want to learn get distracted by the kids who don’t.

The kids who don’t want to be there, well… they cause problems for everyone else. I’m sure you’re nodding your head in agreement, thinking of a few particular troublemakers at your school.

The truth is, creating a positive learning environment is the first step for getting talented kids to achieve their full potential, and getting those ‘tough customers’ to play along and participate in the classroom.

By creating that environment with a school theme, you lay the foundation for kids to develop and succeed.

You’ll find your job easier as a result, as kids learn more, faster, and pick up better test scores – taking pressure off you from higher up the education hierarchy.

(No one likes having a superintendent breathing down their neck because students are under-performing.

Don’t get blamed for failures – start taking credit for success.)

Claiming The Respect You Deserve

Of course, while the benefits of a working school theme for the kids are clear… it’s not all about them. Let’s talk about you.

Do you ever get tired of turning up to a thankless job every day?

I love being an educator. But I know that on some of my darker days, I’ve sat at my desk wondering if it’s really all worth it.

You put your heart and soul into education… and often you have nothing to show for it.

Kids resist your attempts to help them. Parents blame you for their children’s poor performance. Your superiors put pressure on you to produce better results with ever-decreasing budgets and a salary that never seems to budge.

School themes can help change all that. By transforming your school with a theme and unlocking the leadership potential in yourself and others, you’ll find everyone in your school looking at you in a new light.

And that naturally leads to…

Expanding Future Career Opportunities

Now, perhaps you’re quite comfortable with your current job. But let’s face it – we could all use a raise. And it’d be nice to have the option to pick and choose jobs at new schools whenever your current situation ‘just isn’t working’ for you.

It’s about having control over your career, making choices for yourself rather than just accepting the hand you get dealt.

Being able to display the leadership abilities needed to make a school theme work successfully is an incredibly desirable trait at all levels of the education system. It’s an incredible addition to your resume.

And I’m going to make the whole process super-simple for you, showing you exactly what you need to do to develop a reputation for bright ideas and creative leadership – even if you’re not a naturally confident person!

Just do exactly what’s laid out for you in the Combo Pack, and the success will follow. That’s my guarantee.

A Sneak Peek at Themes Included in the Combo 10-Pack

U.S.A. – Upstanding Students All-Around
F.I.E.S.T.A. – Focusing on Important Educational Standards That All students can meet
S.E.A.S – Successfully Educating All Students
T.W.I.S.T. – Teamwork Will Inspire Students and Teachers
S.H.O.E.S. – Students Having Opportunities for Excellence and Success
H.A.T.S. – Helping All To Succeed
R.O.D.E.O. – Reaching Outcomes Through Daily Educational Opportunities
H.A.P.P.Y. – Have A Positive, Productive Year
C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. – Children with Happy Attitudes Make Positive Influences on Neighborhood Schools
S.T.A.R.S. – Study, Try, Achieve for Recognition and Success

But why take my word for it? See what other education professionals (and their students!) are already saying about the themes in the Combo Pack…

“Through themes, staff can extend academic and “social” lessons as many themes focus on real world learning and character education. Themes focus and unify staff;
create positive building climate;
provide roadmaps for integrated lessons;
can be graphically developed and used on all school communications;
provide opportunities for extended learning. Themes give schools a foundation for building a positive school climate!


“The key element is total staff participation…
When you have staff buy in… school themes… become the catalysts that ignite the inspiration fuse. However without the commitment of the entire staff, themes are just …wishes in the wind… Excitement is contagious… effective school wide themes inspire, motivate, and excite staff and students.
School Themes… what a powerful way to manage school spirit!”

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I stand by my themes and my process for creating winning levels of school spirit that promote easier learning, higher levels of achievement, and more relaxed and satisfied teachers. That’s why I offer a full money back guarantee on all my themes.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, request a refund within 30 days and I’ll give you back every cent you paid – no hard feelings, no questions asked.

P.S. – Remember, by ordering today you’re saving yourself the effort and embarrassment of putting together a school theme that ‘flops.’ If you want guaranteed results, more educational outcomes, more respect from staff, students and parents and brighter future for everyone at your school, this Combo Pack is the answer.

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