High School Themes Empower The Whole Student Body, Generate Excitement And Enric

…High School Themes…
A Discovery Bonanza… !

Do you know what’s so special about high school themes … besides the fact they can make your school spirit really soar ?

School themes are special because your high school classmates, the sophomores, juniors, seniors (and in some schools, freshmen too)…

Are spirited enough to help make sure your themes are filled with emotional attachment and long lasting memories.

And that’s what creative highschool themes are all about…. gathering the right people (your theme team)…

encouraging their creative energies… establishing those special relationships… and creating those unforgettable moments … that you, your staff and your students will treasure forever.

Your high school themes should be unique.
They should help reflect your school’s culture. Although our school theme e-books provide examples and describe how themes can be used, we encourage you to add a twist of creativity here and there.

You’ll want to personalize your highschool themes. Make the experiences memorable and most importantly… have a lot of fun doing it.

Theme Title Ideas

  • Class Act
  • Possibilities Prevail
  • Remember It All
  • Before You Judge
  • A For Effort
  • Be All We Can Be
  • Pick Up The Pace
  • Beyond Words
  • Breaking Free
  • Let’s Begin Again
  • Tomorrow is Here
  • Free Choice
  • Change Please
  • Got Style
  • Here and There
  • One Step At A Time
  • Years and Tears

Do you have a school mascot, a school logo or motto… a school crest and school colors ? It’s been very effective to include these items when promoting your high school themes.

And, when you personalize a theme experience with your school’s uniqueness, your staff and students are more unified and school spirit soars. So get your school spirit, school wear and T-shirt ready !

Many schools save video presentations of each year’s theme. This helps new students see what’s been done before and what’s possible in the future.

Highschool themes have even become competitions among students and other neighboring schools.

Imagine your 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders deciding to develop and promote competing themes.

That sounds like a lot of work… but remember, high school themes can offer those special moments every student deserves to experience.

The sky is the limit. You can be as creative as you want to be. Add as many silly, fun, creative opportunities as desired.

Sometimes students take the lead in these activities but often teachers have as much or more fun creating high school themes.

In fact it’s not uncommon to observe that it’s not necessarily the newest freshmen who display the most school spirit.

Teachers and other staff members often make the “Grand Entrance” and are the most spirit-filled.

However, high school students are at that age where increased risk taking is common. So don’t hesitate to add a little encouragement.

Plant some ideas… gain the support of your band, and your cheerleaders, or your student technology group. Perhaps your school has a spirit squad that can conduct acrobatic stunts and perform to band music on the sidelines.

These are the kinds of activities that liven up high school themes and keep audiences on their feet. Everyone wants to be and feel involved.

And another idea… don’t hesitate to broadcast stories about prior triumphs. Your school might have conducted an especially successful fundraising event in support of Katrina victims.

These kinds of successes give your school headlines in the local broadcast and newspaper media. Help your students gain the recognition they deserve.

You will be paid back in broad character building dividends.

One of the greatest strengths you have — is the dedication your kids will show to your high school theme program (yearbook themes too)
and to each other.

This connectedness… creates a positive familial environment and makes everyone feel very welcome immediately.

Your highschool themes can be the catalyst and spirit wear will practically fly off the tables. So be ready… students will snap up T-shirts, shoes, shorts, warm-up suits, hooded sweatshirts and everything else supporting school spirit.

Whether we call it spirited learning, school spirit, excitement, motivation or some other declaratory… the process depends upon total staff commitment and a unified student body.

…So how do you achieve this level of energy ?…

Although various sports activities play a major role at many of our High Schools … and we have pep rallies, booster parties and other spirit building venues…

It’s not just about the Cheerleaders… !
It’s the bus drivers, librarians, kitchen workers, janitors, teacher aides, hall monitors, nurses, secretaries and everyone else that comprise the loosely used term…STAFF. …and don’t miss their testimonials ?

When you have this key element called – “total staff participation..”.

High school themes… generate the excitement that unify the staff and students into common purpose and the inspiration fuse is ignited.

Excitement is contagious… effective high school themes inspire, motivate, and excite staff and students.

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