School Themes Testimonials From The Entire Education Community -A must Read !

Powerful School Themes Testimonials straight from the staff… The entire staff!

School themes testimonials from your staff members… they tell it like it is. Personal and powerful testimonials from the entire educator spectrum.

And the question is, School Themes… why do we support them?

Teacher – School Theme Testimonials…

What themes meant to me as a teacher…

Themes represented the focus of our “family” at school. Themes built common ground for a large grade span of teachers, K-8. Themes produced a focused sense of creativity. Themes provided much needed entertainment for all staff, which benefited morale. I’m proud of my school themes testimonials and themes were the driving force behind keeping our school student centered. Our themes encompassed the whole building, which made our students feel they were a part of something greater. Theme days gave the staff the opportunity to gather once a month to eat treats and socialize, but more importantly, it was a day when the achievements of the students were recognized. Themes created an inviting and enticing atmosphere for the students with the bulletin boards and displays that teachers created throughout the building. Themes could easily be adapted into the business sector. They really do bring people together and give them a focus!

Custodian testimonial…

I feel like themes do the following for a school:

  • They have a big impact on students and staff
  • Gives teachers a guideline to plan their activities through out the year
  • Gives a variety and teachers don’t do the same thing year after year
  • Themes mark the beginning of a new year with enthusiasm
  • Themes make learning fun
  • It provides unity with the staff
  • The building is one
  • I enjoyed seeing how the teachers applied the theme to their classrooms to make it fun and educational
  • Theme Days were the greatest. Everyone wore the same thing and I felt a bonding of the staff and students
  • Themes are related to everyday things
  • When I turned in a theme and it won it made me feel like I was an important part of the educational system and I am pleased to provide school themes testimonials.

Bus Driver testimonial…

My school themes testimonials – As a bus driver I felt themes did the following:

  • Themes are always educational
  • The entire building use the themes for learning in all areas of the curriculum
  • Kids know that everyone is involved in the school and are working together
  • Staff develop learning through the themes
  • Themes give everyone a direction and unify them on their mission

Special Ed Department testimonials…

School themes testimonials and how they effected me as an educator:

  • I always enjoy the themes
  • The contests were fun and they brought the staff together
  • Challenging to see what items could go along with the theme
  • Equivalent to students getting new school supplies
  • Themes meant the starting of a new school year
  • Themes were used to motivate the staff

Themes were:

  • Theme contest were a positive aspect for our school
  • It brought in the new year with a fresh start
  • Decorating of the room matched the themes
  • Themes are moral boosters
  • Themes for the year was known by the community
  • Themes were a morale booster for the staff

Superintendent testimonial…

Themes provide the following:

  • A building theme is used to celebrate the successes of children on many occasions.
  • During the interview process at the District, the custodian at the Elementary school, shared with me during my interview process the theme of their school. She not only knew the theme but also how her position played a part in that theme. She seemed proud to offer school themes testimonials.
  • Themes include and involve everyone in the process which provides a supportive environment for the children. That provides a unified approach to learning.
  • Themes can be used as a vehicle to meet the educational ends of the district.

Assistant Superintendent school themes testimonials…

Themes —

  • focus and unify staff
  • create positive building climate
  • provide roadmaps for integrated lessons
  • can be graphically developed and used on all school communications
  • provide opportunities for extended learning Themes give schools a foundation for building a positive school climate

Through themes staff can extend academic and “social” lessons as many themes focus on real world learning and character education. Themes provide a fun, visual way to recognize student and staff achievements. Themes can provide a focus for staff as they develop cross curriculum integrated lessons. They are an excellent communication tool if graphically developed. The theme can be represented by an acronym or logo on all school communications – including stationery, award certificates, fax covers, school signs, classroom or building newsletters and more.

And more Teacher school themes testimonials…

  • Thematic teaching creates student excitement
  • Literature is based around the theme
  • New focus each year or even monthly in the classroom
  • Student accomplishments were recognized through the theme
  • Creativity of staff and students
  • Fun for teachers and students
  • Themes provide a climate of having a team
  • School wide decorating in the building provided unity in the building
  • Enthusiasm for the theme as we watched other teachers and what they were doing with theme not only decorating but for instruction
  • Students always knew the theme for the year and knew what it stood for
  • Themes were used for enrichment ideas that were taught in the classroom, such as Spanish when we had the Fiesta Theme and a unit on Whales when we had the Sea Theme
  • Other themes were used to teach Character Education traits
  • Themes brought unity to the staff
  • No matter what grade level you taught we all followed the same theme
  • Themes just seemed to add special meaning to the new school year, like the feeling one gets when they get something new

Librarian testimonial…

  • Themes create unity of the staff
  • The staff was on the same team
  • Themes added a spark of fun to the year
  • Themes a lone can not create unity it takes the leadership of the building

It’s no surprise that total staff support for your school spirit theme contributes to the student’s learning experience in many ways.

The key element is total staff participation…

When you have staff buy in… school themes… become the catalysts that ignite the inspiration fuse.

However without the commitment of the entire staff, themes are just

…wishes in the wind…

Excitement is contagious… effective school wide themes inspire, motivate, and excite staff and students.

School Themes… what a powerful way to manage school spirit!

And let’s remember… in many cases the winning theme reigns for an entire year. And… it’s the winners that you want.

Whether it’s kindergarten, pre-school, elementary school, grade school, middle school, junior high school or high school…

If we unite the staff and students, promote a positive environment and encourage school spirit… the students respond. They are inspired and better things happen.

Staff member school themes testimonials
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