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Definition Of Distance Learning

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Definition Of Distance Learning

Distance learning occurs when the instructor and student are separated by a geographical distance and the course material is delivered by print or electronic media such as a closed circuit satellite signal or the World Wide Web.

Who Has Access to Distance Learning?

Pretty much anyone with a computer or anyone who can have mail delivered to their house has access to distance learning.

Various universities offer online courses over the internet, and there are still a few that offer mail order courses.

Online Higher Education – It is a wonderful world of information that exists today and that information is readily accessible through the internet.

The definition of distance learning does not include a limitation about who might have access, nor is it limited to age or location criteria.

There have been instances where children who were too sick to leave their homes could continue their studies by way of a satellite relay and material sent over the internet.

What Kind of Courses May Be Offered?

You can get instructions and information on just about any subject that you can think of, so long as it is permissible by law.

In some fields, distance learning can only take you part of the way to becoming proficient. Truck driving comes to mind.

You could study traffic laws or laws about the transportation of hazardous materials. You can even study about the proper usage of air brakes and the different speeds you should be driving as you shift through the gears, but until you get behind the wheel of a big rig with an instructor by your side you are not going to become proficient at driving that big rig.

Learning something like bartending is an easier fit for distance learning degrees, because you can buy the drink ingredients and practice mixing drinks without an instructor having to be present.

What Kind of Degrees can you receive through Distance Learning?

You can receive Associates all the way up to a Masters degree through distance learning. In some cases, you can even earn a Doctoral Degree.

There are also various certifications and continuing education classes included in the definition of distance learning.

To some people, the knowledge gained through online accredited degree programs, such as learning a foreign language, is more important than any piece of paper received.

How long does it take to earn a degree or certification through Distance Learning?

That depends on the type of material you are studying, who is sending you the material, and your own motivation to complete the subject matter.

It is pretty much the same when you earn a degree by attending college. Some degrees take longer than others, and some people take longer than others to earn them.

Are the Benefits of Distance Learning worth the Time You Put Into it?

It depends on what you are expecting from the course you are taking, as well as your own personal values. The only person who can decide if it is worth your time is you.

Research what the course is offering, and imagine how the completion of the course will change your life or simply take you another step in the direction you want to go in your life.

If you feel the reward is worth the work you will be putting into distance learning, then you should do it.

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