Going Back to School

Going Back to School

Going Back to School – Trauma At Any Age

Maybe it’s a simple case of summer being over and it’s time to return to school.

But it could be you are middle-aged and have decided that going back to school would be a good idea.

Either way, the change in routine and the new responsibilities can create emotional distress, even trauma.

Remember the little girl you watched clinging to her mother’s leg while the school bus waited?

Of course, there are those who are easily adaptable and going back is just sheer excitement.

Whatever your attitude or experience, there is help to ease the transition.

Going Back To School – Long Lost Friends

Summer can seem like a long time when you don’t get to see your friends for a while. Finding long lost friends on the first day of school is like returning home after you’ve been missing in action.

This alone goes a long way to relieve first day of school anxiety for your son, daughter, or you. But there are other ways to start school and make sure the end of summer blues don’t interfere with school preparedness.

Going back to college or school can be made more enjoyable with a few simple steps.

  • Have your child wear new clothes or a favorite outfit or most comfortable clothes to improve self-confidence
  • Have school supplies assembled so he or she doesn’t get caught unprepared creating unnecessary stress
  • Encourage your student to take notes of rules and classroom locations and review them with children once they get home

The first day of school in elementary, middle or high school can be traumatic, especially if you are starting classes in a new school.

Parents are instrumental in relieving the anxiety by helping the student to be as prepared as possible.

Purchasing new school clothes or school supplies is as easy as shopping on the internet. There are many school suppliers who have years of experience and can assist with making sure students have everything they need for a successful year.

Going-Back-To-School – All Grown Up

It used to be that if you didn’t finish college, you would never consider going Back To School. College is for the young only, right? Wrong! Returning to school is an option many older people are choosing.

They are called non-traditional students. This decision is made for many reasons. It could be someone who lost his or her job and needs retraining.

Or it could be someone who has decided that his or her career is dead-end and wants a change. It might be they need continuing education credits.

Whatever the reason, many people over 30 are returning to college. And like any college student, they need to be prepared.

They need to purchase supplies and books and class materials. They might need funding also. By searching online, you can find online courses, distance college and universities and funding assistance.

Going-Back-To-School – Living It Up

Of course, there is the traditional college student going back to school every Fall season. He or she lives in a dorm room or apartment.

There are new compact items made for dorm rooms that make life simpler and utilize space efficiently. These include bedding to fit dorm beds, organizers and accessories and appliances suited to small-space living.

No matter your age, if you are headed back to school, the key is to be prepared. Then school days won’t be such a school daze!

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