School Lockers

School Lockers

Hide and Seek

School lockers have been around a long time and have become a symbol of the education environment.

We all know it is very frustrating to look for something and have no idea where you left it.

Can you imagine what a mess that would be at a school without student lockers?

Having a designated spot for storing school supplies keeps items safe and sound. Steel lockers can be specially designed to use space efficiently.

Students and schools always have a lot of things to store. Unfortunately, storage has to be secure as theft of supplies has to be a consideration these days.

Locking The Barn Door Find Your Locker Solution

There is a very old expression that says it is too late to lock the barn door after the horse has already escaped. This expression is a truism.

It points out the importance of locking up what is important before it is lost. Lockers offer many conveniences while protecting supplies, equipment and private belongings.

    • Used as temporary student storage units for books
    • Serve as equipment holders in various places throughout the school
    • Appear in gyms to store athletic equipment
    • Hold clothes in dressing rooms


School lockers are in many areas of the school other than the hallway. There are a variety of lock types also.

  • Built-in combination locks
  • Built in padlock loops
  • Built in key locks

The choice of lock options is of course up to your school. Lockers also come in different colors though tan and gray are the most frequently chosen colors.

Configuring Storage | Assorted Color Lockers

There is only so much space available. Lockers must be compact while offering the greatest amount of per student space.

They must be configured so that the allotted locker area is used efficiently. Lockers also come in many different styles.

  • Single tier
  • Double tier
  • Triple tier
  • 2 Person school locker
  • Duplex
  • Wire Lockers
  • See-through lockers
  • Lockers that meet Federal American With Disabilities Act requirements

Because of security issues, wire and see through lockers are sometimes chosen. Contents of the locker can be inspected without opening it.

This discourages student contraband. Gym lockers often have another feature – vents. This is to allow for regular airflow through the locker space.

Buying Space

Buying lockers is simple when choosing an online company that has experience. They offer many services that make picking the right locker easy.

  • Images of the different configurations so your school has a thorough understanding of the design options
  • Dimension charts for space allocation
  • Special production runs for large orders
  • Inventory on hand for quick shipment
  • Delivery as assembled or unassembled lockers
  • National distribution centers
  • Choices in manufacturing materials
  • Customer service representatives who coordinate purchase and delivery
  • The option of locker legs

Lockers create space for secure storage needs. In order to make sure the space is used in the wisest manner, locker design and installation should be carefully planned.

When you use a reliable vendor, replacement or addition of lockers creates no purchasing problems.

School lockers can be a student’s best friend, protecting all those things carried back to school in their backpack!

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